Daphne Groeneveld Appears on One of Six Covers for Numéro’s Art Issue (Forum Buzz)

After featuring a smoldering Aya Jones on the previous issue, Numéro gears up for its latest installment. The French title’s current offering is an entire issue dedicated to art. The magazine created not one, but six unique covers for the occasion, making perfect sense considering it will appear at newsstands worldwide for two consecutive months. Thus far, Daphne Groeneveld and Jessica Miller are Numéro‘s June/July 2015 cover girls.

Numéro June/July 2015 The Art Issue

IMAGE: http://ift.tt/1rFiUck

Forum members couldn’t wait to see what Numéro had in store for us. “Daphne! She looks great!” exclaimed justaguy, hitting us off on a high note.

“I love it so far! It’s always a pleasure to see Daphne!” contributed Valentine27.

“I like the first cover, nice seeing Daphne,” TeeVanity agreed.

Feeling the same way was burbuja8910 who wrote, “Amazing cover, Daphne can’t do wrong.”

Forum member thatsfierce shared, “I’m not sure about the makeup, but I’m glad Daphne got a cover!”

Not everyone was so impressed with Numéro‘s efforts, though. “I thought that art was creativity and fantasy! This is so boring, it’s not even ordinary boring but horrible. Both covers,” |PerfectTonight| declared.

Benn98 replied, “God, you’re so right!! They really should stop running with these ‘art’ themes. Every fashion edit could be art. Just because the shot looks slightly unconventional for a cover doesn’t make it ‘art’. Daphne’s cover looks OK, but the coat she’s wearing looks awfully cheap.”

Await the remaining covers and join the debate here.

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