Daniel Johns Says Fashion Designer Girlfriend was “Totally” His Muse for New Record

Daniel Johns‘ long-awaited debut solo album TALK was inspired in part by his girlfriend, fashion designer, Estelita Huijer.

With a mix of dark and intimate love songs on the new record – a far cry from the music Johns penned during his days fronting grunge outfit Silverchair – Johns tells news.com.au that Estelita acted as a muse for the tunes. “Yeah, yeah totally (she was),” he explained to the publication. 

“Not like a Yoko thing but I was seeking that approval,” he continued. “If you spend 24/7 with someone and especially because I am quite OCD with music, if I am going to listen to something 10 times a day for three years, you would hope that the person that’s living in the house doesn’t mind hearing it.”

Johns also explained that he likes the idea of his new lyrics painting him to be a hopeful, rather than a hopeless, romantic. “I wanted it to feel great to listen to and also I wanted to have a record, especially for a debut, that I could listen to in 10 years and not be reminded of some piece-of-s … emotional breakdown I had been going through for once,” he said.

TALK is out now.

[Via news.com.au]

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