Kendall Jenner Shows off Latest Estée Lauder Campaign

Jihan Forbes is the Staff Writer/Copy Editor for theFashionSpot and a freelance fashion writer. She spends her days tirelessly writing and her work has been featured on Fashionista, XOJane, The Cut and more. She lives in Harlem, but will always be a Bronx girl. Send her an e-mail sometime.

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Watch: Leighton Meester Covers Your Fave 90s Jam

Forget everything you know about Gossip Girl‘s Blair Waldorf, because Leighton Meester‘s voice has just trumped the headbands, Queen Bee attitude, and titillating on-again-off-again relationship with Chuck Bass.

The pregnant actress, who nabbed The O.C‘s Seth Cohen (or Adam Brody for those who were able to move on from the show), showed us just how musically talented she is with a flawless cover of The Cardigans 1996 worldwide hit “Lovefool”  for The A.V Club.

This isn’t the first time she’s spread her musical wings, having also covered Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” with Dana Williams and released her debut LP Heartstrings last year as well. We’ve got to say, girl’s got some notes.

You know you love her. XOXO

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Jaden Smith Joins Baz Luhrmann’s Latest Directing Venture

Photo: WENN

Photo: WENN

Avid dress-wearer Jaden Smith has just landed a pretty sweet gig with Australia’s own directing royalty and fashion film extraordinaire Baz Luhrmann. The 16-year-old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith has signed on for Baz’ latest project, The Get Down, a Netflix-exclusive TV drama set in 1970s New York.

Deadline reports that Jaden will play Marcus “Dizzee” Kipling, a South Bronx-raised graffiti writer, and has already started embracing the character with some relevant research. “He has begun developing his The Get Down skill set, even taking lessons from the legendary graffiti artist Lady Pink of ‘Wild Style’ fame, as well as steeping himself in the history and culture of the Bronx,” Baz explained.

Baz Luhrmann

Photo: WENN

The 52-year-old Aussie director, who is well known for his theatrical work including Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby, is excited to give Jaden an opportunity to broaden his acting skills. “We as an audience have known Jaden since he was very young. Recently, Jaden has been seeking diverse and challenging roles and this is a testament to his passion to grow in the craft,” Baz said. 

“We’re all very happy with the casting of Jaden in the role of ‘Dizzee’ Kipling, and with his addition, the Kipling family cast is now complete,” he continued. 

Baz’ wife, Academy Award winner Catherine Martin, will act as costumer and production designer, of course, for the 13-episode drama series. The Get Down will appear exclusively on Netflix in 2016. 

[Via Deadline]

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Link Buzz: Hillary Clinton’s First Instagram, Major Changes at J.Crew Corporate

Jihan Forbes is the Staff Writer/Copy Editor for theFashionSpot and a freelance fashion writer. She spends her days tirelessly writing and her work has been featured on Fashionista, XOJane, The Cut and more. She lives in Harlem, but will always be a Bronx girl. Send her an e-mail sometime.

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Amanda Wellsh Gives Us Plenty of Attitude on Vogue Mexico (Forum Buzz)

Can Vogue Mexico ever catch a break? The magazine always falls under constant scrutiny for its uninspiring covers and with its June 2015 issue, there’s a dim light at the end of the tunnel. The cover features Amanda Wellsh in a Louis Vuitton dress as she dominates in front of a colorful background with voluminous hair, delivering plenty of attitude.

Vogue Mexico June 2015 Amanda Wellsh by Jacques Dequeker


Still, our forums were left divided after the issue broke. “Amanda with plenty of attitude, I like it,” raved Miss Dalloway the moment the cover surfaced.

“She’s beautiful. The cover is stunning,” agreed inwhiterooms.

Also fond of the cover and eager to see more was Emmanuelle: “Amanda is really beautiful, can’t wait to see her in the editorial.”

Forum member fluorescentbeat was a fan too and admired, “I like the way she’s styled, looks like something new… Amazing!”

“She looks good. All the rest is a mess, from the colours, the layout and the overwhelming amount of text, which it is even hard to read because of the colours,” ranted models_vlada, contributing a different attitude to the discussion.

Sharing the same sentiments was marsnoop2: “Not a fan of the text, the layout looks exactly like Vogue Brazil.”

Oxymore thought the cover resembled Brazilian Vogue too and exclaimed, “It looks like Cara’s Vogue Brazil cover from last year. Too many colors, I don’t like it. And the styling doesn’t match the background at all.”

Whose side are you on? Pick one and let us know here.

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Amber Heard Turns up the Heat on ELLE’s July 2015 Cover (Forum Buzz)

Prepare to salivate over ELLE‘s fabulous new July cover. The magazine recently unveiled its upcoming installment via its website and the cover was immediately brought over for the forums to deliberate. The glossy unexpectedly tapped Amber Heard for its July 2015 issue, enlisting Liz Collins to photograph the model (and wife of Johnny Depp) sporting a white swimsuit by Thapelo, complete with a wool jacket draped around her arms from Ralph Lauren Collection. Time to pick your jaw up off the floor.

US ELLE July 2015 Amber Heard by Liz Collins


Surprisingly, the cover leaves forum members with mixed emotions. “HAIRBRUSH! If you’re being shot in a studio, someone can reach for the hairbrush. That’s not even artfully messy hair, that’s just a limp mess. Kristen Stewart would think twice about leaving the house if her hair looked like that,” fumed tigerrouge within seconds.

“Tacky cover, I don’t get her fame (just being Johnny Depp’s wife),” discredited burbuja8910.

Feeling underwhelmed as well was Emmanuelle: “She is beautiful, but here there’s no energy in her eyes.”

“It’s a powerful and sultry pose matched with a very somehow vulnerable stare, but what makes it wrong is that messy hair and that tacky swimsuit that shows her side boob. I love the irony in her name though. Amber Heard, but I’ve never heard of her. But as I researched, I applaud her for her involvement in various social causes,” granted MON.

Also a little uncertain was Miss Dalloway: “If the cut of the swimsuit was better, I would have liked it, but wow Liz Collins? There is a surprise!”

Forum member narcyza showed her support and wrote, “Yeah, it’s quite a nice cover. I really like this simple makeup on her.”

Does ELLE‘s new cover tick all the right boxes? Drop us a comment here.

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Kim Kardashian’s Wax Figure Will Constantly Take Selfies of Itself, Much Like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian pregnant

Image: WENN

Laverne Cox isn’t the only celebrity Madame Tussauds will honor with a wax figure. Kim Kardashian is also up to get yet another rendering in the world-famous wax museum and this time, Tussauds is immortalizing the reality TV star in the best way yet.

Kim Kardashian’s wax figure will be posed with her arm out and a cell phone in her hand, taking a selfie, making this wax figure a perfect stand-in for IRL Ms. Kardashian, who is probably off somewhere taking a selfie anyway. Just imagine the freedom the reality TV star could have: can’t make it to an appearance? Send wax Kim. Need a meta Instagram post of Kim Kardashian taking a selfie of herself taking a selfie? Wax Kim to the rescue. Pregnancy feet too swollen to hit the red carpet? Wax Kim’s feet never swell.

Guests at the museum will be able to take a selfie with wax Kardashian through the device it is holding, but probably the best part about Kim’s wax figure is that it will never take a selfie in the same location more than three times. To coincide with the reality star’s self-imposed picture-taking rule, the backdrop behind her statue will constantly change. Crossing our fingers in hopes that Madame Tussauds rips some of the ridiculous backgrounds from Kanye West’s Bound 2 video

[via TIME]

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Gigi Hadid Comes to Toronto for Maybelline’s 100th Anniversary

Glynnis Mapp is a Toronto-born journalist. She's interviewed fashion and beauty experts and industry names while covering Fashion Weeks in New York, London and Paris. Her work has appeared in Good Housekeeping, Refinery29, The Huffington Post Canada and many other print and digital publications. She's been featured as an expert by French Connection, Racked, and Beauty High. A lipstick girl at heart, a swipe of one in a bold color makes her feel like she can do just about anything.

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Katy Perry Is the Face of Moschino

In a move that should surprise no one, Katy Perry has been revealed as the face of Moschino’s latest ad campaign. Perry is an amazing fit for the brand based off her quirky sense of style and, of course, her close relationship with creative director Jeremy Scott, who also created the outfits for her epic Super Bowl halftime performance earlier this year.

The image features Perry rocking a cropped haircut with a gold-trimmed patchwork denim jacket slung over her shoulders, a gold crop top, black skirt and chunky gold chain belt. Sure, we can see directly up her nose but there are no bats in this cave, so work queen.

Jeremy Scott tapped photography duo Inez and Vinoodh for the shoot and called on Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele to style Ms. Perry. The results? A pretty standard Moschino vibe and we’re loving it. Scott noted that this is the first image from the campaign, so we will be watching and waiting to see more images trickle out.

What do you think of Katy’s shot?

[via @itsjeremyscott]

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Summer Wedges to Step up Your Shoe Game: The Love List

If wedges make your world go round, you have Salvatore Ferragamo to thank. Though they first popped up in ancient Greece, it was the Italian shoe designer who introduced lifties to Italy in the 30s. But right around the time Ferragamo was perfecting the shoes, Italy invaded Abyssinia in 1935, which led to sanctions on steel and leather. So like any good designer, Ferragamo improvised, using cork as the new base of the shoe. It was sturdy, light and, most importantly, affordable. And just like that, the modern-day wedge was born.

The style remained popular throughout World War II, but it wasn’t until the glam rock days of the 70s that wedges regained their footing. As time went on, they’d crop back up in the 90s and again in the early 2000s. Their most recent revival took place on the Spring 2012 runway when Isabel Marant unleashed her high-top, hidden wedge sneakers. In an instant, the trainers became a cult collectable and sparked a sneaker phenomenon that’s still going strong today.

This season, designers are offering up a mixed bag of wedges. You’ll find everything from suede gladiators at Chloe to sleek python lifters at Valentino. There are teeny-tiny wedge sandals at Marni and towering raffia step-ups from Paul Andrew. The sky’s the limit.

To shop the best wedge sandals of the season, click on the gallery above.

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#JustATampon Campaign Looks to Normalize Women’s Periods

A new social media campaign is trying to destigmatize menstruation. #JustATampon is an initiative started by VPoint and Plan UK looking to change the way we talk about periods and the way women’s periods are treated in society. The campaign points first to the priciness of having your period, that women have to buy sanitary goods in order to take care of their monthly flow. But in spite of the fact that sanitary items are goods women need, they are still taxed in the U.K. at 5%.

The campaign also mentions the millennia-old taboo surrounding menstruation. “Smuggling sanitary items, trying to pretend that your various parts of your anatomy are not swelling, burning or gushing only adds to the emotional trauma. It might be dirty, but why does it have to be a secret too? I’m not suggesting that workplaces bring in easy desk-side tampon changing facilities, but really there has to be more understanding and support.” VPoint hopes to open the conversation about tampons and get people comfortable with menstruation through the power of social media. 

Men and women alike are posting images of themselves holding tampons to prove that periods are not a big deal and should not be treated as such. “Neither gender feel the need to publicly announce other toilet activities – but the fact that half the office is losing up to 80ml of blood at various times of the month needn’t be ignored.” 

Of course, no campaign supporting women can go by without indignant men trying to derail the cause. After Jon Snow, a British TV News anchor posted a picture of himself holding a tampon, one of his very troubled male followers, @Bruciebabe, responded by saying other necessities for men are taxed… like trousers. While amused feminists and supporters of the #JustATampon cause dragged him on Twitter, responding simply tweeting the word “trousers,” Everiss took to his blog to complain about the campaign. Everiss argues that feminists are whining because they want their tampons tax-free while men’s shaving items are taxed at 20% in the U.K. Sadly, Everiss fails to address the fact that shaving isn’t considered a taboo in our society, which is part of what the campaign is trying to destroy. Other men uncomfortable with #JustATampon cite propriety and old-fashionedness as the reason they are against the campaign. 

But despite the naysayers, #JustATampon soldiers on and continues to collect money to provide needy women with sanitary towels. If you’re interested in joining the cause, you can donate here.

[via Mirror, BuzzFeed, VPoint]

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Everything You Wanted to Know About André Leon Talley’s Capes and Caftans

Maria Denardo is the Fashion Director at theFashionSpot. Prior to joining tFS, she worked as the Site Director at Lifestyle Mirror and the Senior Fashion Editor at Fashion Week Daily. Her "unhealthy attachment" to hats led her to the halls of FIT, where she's currently completing her millinery certification. She proves that turbans never, ever go out of style.

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Beauty Vlogger Proves That You Don’t Have to Hate Yourself to Love Makeup

After hearing comments from a lot of women saying they are embarrassed to admit they love makeup, one beauty vlogger is saying screw that. YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials published a makeup tutorial last month that now has over 9 million views, in which she emphasizes the power of makeup. Nikkie wants her viewers to know that it’s OK to like doing your makeup, and that one’s love for contouring does not mean they actually hate the way they look. 

“Nowadays when you say you love makeup, you either do it because you want to look good for boys because you’re insecure or you do it because you don’t love yourself,” she says. “I feel like lately, it’s almost a crime to love doing your makeup.” After getting inspired by RuPaul’s Drag Race, seeing the drag queens paint only half their faces, Nikkie decided to show the world just how fun makeup is, and that women do their makeup not because of their insecurities but for the love of transforming their faces. Still, she emphasizes that the message of the video is not about simply covering your insecurities with a little paint.

“By no means do I want to say that if you have insecurities, you should just slap makeup on, feel better and never be content with your own self. I just want people to know that makeup is fun and there are no rules to makeup and if you want to go for that super sharp contour for the day, do it! If you want to go for a red lip and crazy bold eyes, do it!”

Nikkie makes an excellent point. Though makeup can help us look different and cover up some of our flaws, it does not necessarily mean that women use makeup because they don’t like how they look. Some women just like expressing their creativity with a little eyeshadow and highlighter and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Watch Nikkie Tutorials transform half her face in the video above.

[via BuzzFeed]

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Sarah Jessica Parker Is the New Face of Jordache

Between her shoe line and her forthcoming HBO series, it’s a wonder that Sarah Jessica Parker has time to do anything. But the actress just added another layer to her workload, inking a deal as the Jordache ambassador. The denim label is bringing back some of its vintage popular styles from the 70s and 80s for The Jordache Look collection and introducing new styles to the mix. 

Sarah Jessica has been tapped to pose for the label’s The Jordache Look collection as well as its regular women’s range. Jordache will also release a collection of one-of-a-kind items, retooled from some of the brand’s old denim pieces. Naturally, this particular offering will be far more expensive than the others. Compare its $300 to $500 price range to The Jordache Look offering, which will retail from $89 to $149.

Either way, it’s an exciting partnership for SJP whose stylish image can pretty much sell consumers anything. SJP’s campaign for Jordache is already up on the brand’s website, picturing the actress seductively bent over, her bum to the camera, peering into the lens with a smoldering glance.

Work, girl, work!

[via WWD]

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5 Facial Self-Tanners for a Perfect Faux Glow

Adrianna Barrionuevo is theFashionSpot’s Beauty Editor. She is a south Florida native with a soft spot for Orange County, California, where she spent her college years. Adrianna comes to tFS from Lucky, and worked at Too Faced Cosmetics during her OC days. She loves quoting and rewatching episodes of Breaking Bad, collecting Manolo Blahniks and reading celebrity gossip. She’s also in the running to be the #1 Beyonce fan in the office. (She’s winning.)

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Nadia Bartel Is Pregnant with Her First Child

Nadia Bartel

Photo: Getty

Fashion blogger and WAG Nadia Bartel is pregnant with her first child. She announced the news on Instagram last night, showing off a cute little bump which is four months along.

“So there is a little incredible human growing inside me. Words can’t express how happy we are @jrb03 #4months,” the Chronicles of Nadia blogger wrote. The photo showed Nadia posing in profile position, wearing just lingerie.

While part of us is pretty excited about the bathroom interiors in the background, the other part of us couldn’t be happier for Nadia and her husband, AFL player Jimmy Bartel. Her social media followers are also stoked, with over 18,000 likes on the announcement pic.

Nadia Bartel

Photo: The Iconic

With genes like Nadia’s and Jimmy’s in the mix, there’s no doubt that this child will be the cutest bub, ever. Congrats, you two!

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Exclusive: The Preatures’ Isabella Manfredi Talks Vocal Diet, Jack Moffitt and Onstage Style for Russh

Photo: Adrian Meško

Photo: Adrian Meško

In an exclusive for theFashionSpot, Russh magazine has given us a look into its shoot and feature with The Preatures frontwoman Isabella Manfredi.

The brunette babe reveals how her diet has to change to keep her vocal chords in tact, other musicians who have inspired her onstage look, and how her fellow band member and boyfriend, Jack Moffitt, can give her a perfect evening.

Photo: Adrian Meško

Photo: Adrian Meško

Although Isabella usually gets about in black Levi’s, chelsea boots and a T-shirt, she credits her style evolution to PJ Harvey and Chrissy Amphlett. “They gave me the idea that the more feminine the outfit, the tougher the attitude can be,” she explains, noting that the female musicians have a “strong masculine/feminine duality” onstage.

“I like uniforms and the freedom they give me,” she continued. “Other than that, I like to dress up and play around with characters: anything classic and bold.”

Photo: Adrian Meško

Photo: Adrian Meško

When Isabella was a teenager and started getting into the magazines, she says she “was struck by how ubiquitous physical beauty was in fashion, and how empty it felt”. She said, “At that level, I thought, only substance of character can truly set you apart. I think it’s great that the fashion world embraces eccentricity and difference now.”

Isabella also has to consider her nutrition while on the road, telling Russh that she embraces a “vocal diet” similar to that of an opera singer. She cuts out “acidic stimulants like coffee, citrus, eggs, dairy, tomato, alcohol, cigarettes and a lot of specific fruits and vegetables,” which is by no means easy for her. 

Photo: Adrian Meško

Photo: Adrian Meško

“Pretty hard for an Italian to give up cheese, coffee and tomatoes,” she explains. “But when I get on a roll with it I feel great.”

When Isabella does get the chance to indulge, she opts for “Negroni, dessert, cigarette”, but doesn’t clarify if it’s in that order. Although a few little vices are sure to make her feel a little happy, she says her favourite kind of evening is when her bandmate and boyfriend, Jack, takes her on a date.

The Russh June/July issue hits news stands tomorrow, June 11.

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Link Buzz: Naya Rivera Is Writing a Memoir, Kim Throws Kanye an Epic Birthday Party

Jihan Forbes is the Staff Writer/Copy Editor for theFashionSpot and a freelance fashion writer. She spends her days tirelessly writing and her work has been featured on Fashionista, XOJane, The Cut and more. She lives in Harlem, but will always be a Bronx girl. Send her an e-mail sometime.

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We Don’t Like Anything About Toni Garrn’s Vogue Germany Cover (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Germany, which was once overwhelmingly popular on our forums, has fallen out of favor as of late, only just managing to impress with last month‘s cover. For the July edition, German Vogue welcomes back its native Toni Garrn. Giampaolo Sgura and team traveled to Seoul to shoot a Miu Miu-clad Toni standing before an authentic Korean temple. While we do love ourselves some Toni, the final outcome is a disaster.

Vogue Germany July 2015 Toni Garrn by Giampaolo Sgura


Leave it to our forum members to tell it just how it is. “I’m really disappointed by Vogue Germany this year. Since January it’s a mess,” Oxymore complained right away.

“Oh.. Ummm. This is just a lot going on and I’m not sure what any of it actually is,” added a confused lelaid.

GivenchyHomme failed to show enthusiasm too. “It looks really generic and the styling is a mess,” he ranted.

“I like Toni, but it literally looks like she hasn’t slept in weeks. The harsh light and angle makes it look like she has crack eyes,” SpeakThatJDunn descriptively criticized.

In agreement over how disastrous the cover turned out was Miss Dalloway: “Don’t like anything about this, such an awkward cover.”

CATO began to question Toni’s pose and asked, “What! Does she have stomachache or sickness? What an odd posture.”

“Too much going on and Toni really looks like she isn’t feeling well and also has that lifeless expression, again. My first thought was also that this was too similar to the last one, but looking at the June issue, it actually is quite different,” noted Mrs.Smith.

So, drab or fab? Share your opinion with us here.

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Donna Karan Thinks Caitlyn Jenner ‘Killed’ It in Her Vanity Fair Spread

Donna Karan

Image: WENN

There is a lot going on at Donna Karan International right now. Besides hiring Public School’s Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow as DKNY’s new creative directors, the company has also taken on former Apple creative director of worldwide marketing communications Hector Muelas as the company’s newly created chief image officer. DKI’s longtime chief of marketing and PR Patti Cohen also stepped down after more than 30 years at the company. But for all the business and changes at the house Donna Karan built, the designer herself still has time for charitable endeavors. Last night, Karan hosted the 6th annual spring event for Solving Kid’s Cancer, a charity which focuses on raising money for aggressive and hard to treat childhood cancers. 

“As a woman, as a mother, as a grandmother, the idea of it is practically unacceptable,” Karan told us, passionately explaining her involvement with the charity. “To think that I or any of my friends could be faced with such a horrendous situation having children with cancer – who would want a child of any circumstance in that situation? Who would want a loved one to be in that situation? It’s heart-wrenching.”

Though we were on hand for a solemn cause, Karan was down to chat about some good news: her label was amongst the first to clothe Caitlyn Jenner, who is pictured in Vanity Fair hopping out of a snazzy sports car in a slinky red Donna Karan dress with mesh paneling. It was a big moment for Caitlyn and a big moment for the Donna Karan brand. “Didn’t she look great? She killed that dress!” Donna gushed. “She looked absolutely beautiful and it was really well-received. Not only that, but she felt good and I think she looked beautiful, and that is what is most important.”

Though she was willing to chat about Caitlyn, Karan did stay pretty mum on the status of her forthcoming book, My Journey, coming in October from publisher Ballantine books. She wouldn’t give us any details but revealed, “It’s definitely a story from beginning to end.”

We can’t wait to read it.

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10 Beauty Brands You Need to Know (but Probably Don’t)

TheFashionSpot's Lifestyle Editor, Sharon Feiereisen, is a freelance lifestyle writer based in New York City. Her work has been published in Newsday, The Knot, AM New York, WHERE New York, Dan's Papers, and Hamptons Magazine, among many other print and online outlets. Check out her tumblr blog, Random Happenings.

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The ‘Beardstache’ Is the Latest Trend in Men’s Facial Hair

Can’t decide whether you prefer mustaches or beards? Well, you don’t have to choose now that the beardstache is a thing. Razor sales are falling thanks to the popularity of the hipster beard and according to the London Evening Standard a new trend in men’s facial hair is dawning, giving us the best (or worst, depending on how you see it) of both a beard and a mustache. The beardstache has men rocking stubble or a closely shaved beard with a prominent, visible mustache.

Ruffians barber Adam Brady explained to the Standard the style’s appeal. He says it is a good look for men who want to keep their facial hair, but are feeling a bit of beard fatigue: “We are seeing more people who aren’t sure about their beards any more,” he said. “Some of them are moving away from it but they don’t want to bin facial hair altogether.” Much like the lob, the beardstache requires its fair share of maintenance. In order to achieve that perfect beard-to-mustache ratio, you’ve got to groom. 

Jamie Dornan, E. Tautz’s Patrick Grant and beard model Chris Millington have all tried the beardstache on for size and if you’re still skeptical, just remember that if it’s good enough to look hot on Christian Grey, it’s good enough for us.

[via Evening Standard]

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Could Natalia Vodianova’s Russian Esquire Cover Use a Little Photoshop? (Forum Buzz)

Most of the time, it’s simplicity that wins the race and the Russian edition of Esquire certainly kept this in mind for its bare bones June cover shoot. Photographed by Peter Lindbergh, the master of black and white photography, Natalia Vodianova graces the issue, but we’re left with mixed reactions. Though our forums are typically pretty outspoken when it comes to the misuse of Photoshop and airbrushing, this image is just a little too raw for the majority.

Esquire Russia June 2015 Natalia Vodianova by Peter Lindbergh


“OMG she looks so bad, poor Natalia,” shared a displeased Oxymore the moment the cover surfaced.

“I know!! Look at that jawline. I understand what he went for, but it falls flat, I’m afraid,” Benn98 responded.

Also not feeling it was Nymphaea who ranted, “Scary! She reminds me of Lurch from The Addams Family.

Thankfully for Esquire, not everyone was so disappointed. “It’s quite an unnerving cover, but I’m proud of Natalia for being brave enough to be photographed like this,” Cosmic Voices praised, adding a different attitude inside the thread.

“First, I love Russian Esquire‘s simple design. They are all outstanding for many reasons. Second, I don’t understand all the negative comments. Unlike much of Natalia’s recent work, this is such a strong and serene cover with a very Lauren Bacall-ish vibe,” acknowledged Royal-Galliano.

Fashionlover2001 was quick to add, “I think she looks raw, vulnerable and beautiful! That is probably what Lindbergh was going for.”

In agreement was mepps. “She looks like a human being. A living, breathing, beautiful woman. Peter Lindbergh is a master,” she applauded.

Are you a fan of the rawness of the cover shot? Join the conversation here.

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Chanel Iman Pairs a Summery Ponytail with Sultry Eye Makeup

Chanel Iman

Image: Getty

Model Chanel Iman looked flawless over the weekend at Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards. The gorgeous 24-year-old complemented her bouncy ponytail with a soft smoky eye and we can’t wait to grab an eyeshadow palette and brush to recreate the look.

For makeup, it’s all about tight lining the lash line using an ultra thin black liner like Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eyeliner. By using a fine tip option, it will be easy to gently push it in between lashes to define the eyes without having to draw a thick line over the lash line. Chanel kept her smoky eye shades classic by using a traditional gunmetal and metallic mix. Use Maybelline Expert Wear in Smoky Coal for the outer edges of the eyes and go for a lighter foiled shade on the lids for contrast and high impact.

Whether you have dirty hair or just blew it out, a ponytail will always look great. Simply rake hair back, tilt your head back and gently gather it and secure it with an elastic. Then, work some volumizing product into the tail and brush it softly (without tugging too hard), so that it’s bouncy and smooth. If you have baby hairs like Chanel, embrace them by using a soft hold gel to tame them, while allowing them to frame the face.

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Pippa Middleton Designs Charity Dress with Tabitha Webb

After her infamous role at the royal wedding a couple years ago, Pippa Middleton instantly became a style icon who had every fashion designer in the land hoping that she’d wear a piece from their collection and give their sales a boost.

Since becoming an international style icon and given her influential reach, many have often wondered whether Pippa would turn to design and launch her own label. Although that day may still be a long time coming, if ever at all, Pippa has teamed up with fashion designer Tabitha Webb in collaboration with the British Heart Foundation to create a limited-edition floral dress and scarf.

As an ambassador for the British Heart Foundation, Pippa’s already signed herself up to complete a charity bike ride all the way from London to Brighton later this year. She also seemingly realised that she could still do more to help the cause by embarking on a design collaboration. We can’t help but wonder whether this is a sign that a career in fashion design for Pippa is on its way soon. Let’s hope so!

The charity dress retails for £295 with the lightweight scarf costing £95 and both can be snapped up at Tabitha Webb. They’d make the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe and all with the knowledge that you’re doing your bit for charity, too.

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10 Summer Caftans that Will Make You Believe in Love at First Sight

Maria Denardo is the Fashion Director at theFashionSpot. Prior to joining tFS, she worked as the Site Director at Lifestyle Mirror and the Senior Fashion Editor at Fashion Week Daily. Her "unhealthy attachment" to hats led her to the halls of FIT, where she's currently completing her millinery certification. She proves that turbans never, ever go out of style.

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People Who Wear Skinny Jeans Are More Confident than You Are

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Americans See a Brighter Future for Transgender Acceptance After Caitlyn Jenner Cover

Caitlyn Jenner

Image: Vanity Fair

Perhaps we can have some faith in humanity. Caitlyn Jenner’s big unveiling last week on the cover of Vanity Fair has sparked much talk and debate about transgender issues, but for all the chatter, many Americans think that Jenner’s coming out will actually help us make some progress.

An NBC news survey by SurveyMonkey found that many Americans, on a basic level, realize that transgender men and women face discrimination in our society. Of those surveyed, 47 percent said that in the next 10 years, acceptance of transgender people will improve “a little,” while 29 percent said that people will become a lot more accepting. Clearly, many Americans realize there is a long way to go when it comes to society embracing transgender men and women. Only 18 percent believed there would be no change, while only 5 percent thought people would be a little or a lot less accepting. 

As for Caitlyn’s cover, 20 percent said it will help a lot with the public’s acceptance of the transgender community while 46 percent said it will help a little and 32 percent said it will not help at all. It seems that Americans have a very positive outlook when it comes to the rest of society embracing transgender men and women. 

At the very least, you can say Jenner’s cover has opened up a conversation about transgender issues, and as long as we are talking and learning about the problems these men and women face, there is always the possibility for progress.

[via NBC]

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Celia Ellenberg Named Vogue’s New Beauty Director

US Vogue June 2015 Amanda Seyfried by Mario Testino


Vogue has named a new beauty director to replace 15-year vet Sarah Brown. The magazine has tapped Celia Ellenberg to fill Brown’s shoes, starting in July. Ellenberg is a contributor at WSJ mag, beauty editor-at-large for Porter and her work has already appeared in editions of Vogue and on 

There are many changes brewing at Vogue, including plans to absorb’s staff to create So far, Ellenberg has kept pretty mum about her new gig on social media, with the latest entries on her Instagram page being a shot of Rome and a promotion for a story she did for The Edit. 

Sarah Brown is said to be vacating her role this month and will continue at the publication as a contributing editor.

[via Page Six]

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Is Jesinta Campbell on Her Way to Becoming the Next David Jones Ambassador?

Getty Images

Getty Images

Queensland-native Jesinta Campbell has landed an endorsement as a “friend” of David Jones, featuring in the department store’s upcoming Spring 2015 campaign. The former Miss Universe Australia stunner will feature alongside official brand ambassadors Jessica Gomes and Montana Cox, and has her sights set on one day becoming the face of the retail giant.

Jesinta, who has already been the face of Asics and Fiat-Chrysler, told Sydney Confidential Insider that “It would be a dream come true” to follow the footsteps of Megan Gale, Miranda Kerr and Jessica by fronting David Jones.

Her manager, Sharon Finnigan, also hinted that Jesinta’s first campaign with David Jones could be a springboard to the model eventually becoming the ambassador. “It’s what you work towards, it’s one of the goals you set out for,” Sharon said.

The 23-year-old beauty has been primed for more than just a David Jones takeover, working steadily as a TV presenter and solidifying her personal brand.

In fact, talent manager Mitch Catlin believes that if Jesinta is “managed well”, she could take on the likes of fellow pageant queen, Myer ambassador Jennifer Hawkins. Mitch also pointed out that her engagement to Sydney Swans superstar Lance “Buddy” Franklin has boosted her profile to an even bigger audience.

 We can just imagine her opening a new-season show for David Jones, Buddy sitting front row. Can’t you?

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Klear Your Kalendars, Khloé Kardashian Is Heading to Australia

Reality superstar, entrepreneur and all-round sass queen Khloé Kardashian is heading to Australia. The newly blonde bombshell is coming to town next month to promote the launch of Kardashian Kids down under.

Khloé shared the news of her upcoming trip on Instagram, saying, “I couldn’t be more excited to announce @kardashiankids is coming to Australia at @bigwaustralia in August!! I’ll be heading down under next month to celebrate the launch! See you soon, Sydney!” 

The exciting news was also shared in a cute Aussie-themed post from the official Kardashian Kids instagram account. The pic featured an adorable white-lace peplum top and matching shorts laid on an Australian flag, complete with tourist-friendly kangaroo and koala toys. 

The Kardashian sisters have been working on their label with Australian fashion designer and businessman Bruno Schiavi since 2011, who believes the line will be successful down under. “Australia has a real appetite for the girls [Kim, Kourtney and Khloe]” he told the Australian Financial Review. “The girls are real girls – they’ve grown up with them on TV and they feel they know them,” he added. 

“But it’s about the product first and foremost,” Bruno clarified. “The product really has to hit home. You can have a celebrity brand but if the product is not on point and doesn’t appeal to the consumer you don’t have a brand,” he continued. “The celebrity factor is an added bonus.”

The Kardashian Kids line caters for girls aged newborn to seven years, and, from what we’ve seen overseas already, the range definitely has that Kardashian feel. So if you want your little ones to rep a style as toddler-chic as North West and Penelope Disick, than look no further. This line is just what every budding fashionista has been waiting for.

The label will be carried exclusively by Big W stores, hitting racks this August. See you in the line, dolls.

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Shop Pharrell Williams and The Dear Bae’s Sporty Collab for Adidas

Photo courtesy of Glue

Photo courtesy of Glue

Pharrell Williams has included his tour entourage, backup dancers The Dear Baes, in his latest collaboration for Adidas Originals.

The Dear Baes have created a fun and sporty capsule collection, including cropped long-sleeve zipper jackets, leggings, jogger pants and breathable tanks in statement polka-dot prints and abstract florals. The bright colour palette, including blues, greens, oranges, purples and reds, makes the range utterly unmissable. 

Photo courtesy of Glue

Photo courtesy of Glue

The pieces, which can be worn in matchy-matchy spirit or as eye-catching separates, are perfect for bringing life to your everyday gym get-up. Alternatively, they are also perfect for the casual-cool girl getting about town. Talk about street cred.

The range is now available at Glue Stores nationally and online. Check out the collection for yourself in our gallery below.

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Iggy Azalea Cancels Pittsburgh Pride Performance Following Concerns from the LGBTIQA Community

Photo: WENN

Photo: WENN

Iggy Azalea will no longer be performing at this weekend’s Pittsburgh Pride, amidst protest from the city’s LGBTIQA community who have criticised some of her past tweets, labelling them homophobic and racist.

Azalea announced the cancellation via her Twitter account on Monday, June 8, saying that her involvement “would only serve to further distract from the true purpose of the event”.

“I am a firm believer in equality. Unfortunately in the past as a young person, I used words I should not have,” the 25-year-old said. “I meant no harm and deeply regret ever uttering those words.”

According to Billboard, some of the now-deleted posts read, “When guys whisper in each others ears I always think its kinda homo” and “wondered why my butt felt like it was about to grow legs, flip me off & walk away. then I remembered i played soccer yestrdy w 5 dyke bitches.”

Members of the community, including Pittsburgh City Council President, Bruce Kraus, boycotted the event because of Iggy’s planned performance, which was scheduled for 7pm on June 13. “I have serious concerns about the direction of the Delta Foundation and the exclusionary choices it is making,” Bruce said in a statement.

Some groups were reportedly also planning alternative protest events to be held during Azalea’s performance. 

The Delta Foundation responded to concerns over Iggy on its Facebook page. “If we believed that Iggy Azalea was racist or homophobic, we certainly would not have selected her to headline Pittsburgh Pride,” read the post. “We also don’t believe she would have agreed to come if she was racist or homophobic.”

The news follows the cancellation of Iggy’s Great Escape Tour, which was binned because Iggy felt she deserved “a break” and had a “creative change of heart”. Pittsburgh Pride was one of the limited special performances which was still kept on the books. Sorry, Azaleans. 

[Via Billboard]

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Sass & Bide Cops Another Shock to the System

Sass & Bide runway Fall

Photo: WENN

It’s been a crazy year for Sass & Bide. It was just over 11 months ago that the brand’s co-founders, Heidi Middleton and Sarah-Jane Clarke, left their prestigious label, and now their replacement design director, Anthony Cuthbertson, has also jumped ship.

Anthony Cuthbertson

Photo: WENN

Sydney Confidential reports that Cuthbertson resigned from the role last month to join his partner back in the UK, and will be replaced by Witchery design manager, Therese Rawsthorne. She is relocating from Melbourne to Sydney to work from the label’s Rosebery head office next month.

Vogue Australia‘s editor-in-chief, Edwina McCann, thinks Rawsthorne is the perfect fit for Sass & Bide. “I think Therese is an excellent choice to take Sass & Bide to the next phase and her design aesthetic is well-suited to the brand,” she told Sydney Confidential.

We definitely hope so. Sass & Bide needs some luck, and stability. 

[Via Sydney Confidential]

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Jessica Hart Reveals Love for Diane Von Furstenberg’s Work Ethic and Attitude Towards Others

Jessica Hart Gritty Pretty

Photo: Gritty Pretty

Everyone’s favourite gap-toothed model, Jessica Hart, is GRITTYpretty‘s cover girl for Winter 2015, and the model has revealed her affection for esteemed designer Diane Von Furstenberg inside the beauty mag.

Jessica, who quickly shifted from grunge-chic to a lover of effortless sophistication, told the publication that she loves DVF designs and looks up to the designer herself.

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

“DVF has that whole 70s vibe going on with flared pantsuits and wrap dresses, I always love wearing her things,” the model told the publication. While DVF pieces definitely have an on-point ladylike appeal, we think Jessica could be speaking a bit subjectively about the label because of her relationship with Diane.

Photo: WENN

Photo: WENN

“She’s an incredible, strong woman who’s built an empire,” Jessica explained of Diane. “I know her well now and I love her attitude towards everything and everyone, she’s a really gorgeous person. I think that’s something to aspire to, to build a brand on being a good person and not trying to cut corners and rip people off.”

With Jessica’s beauty brand, LUMA, launching last year, we’re not surprised to see her admiring Diane’s entrepreneurial spirit. 

[Via GRITTYpretty]

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Link Buzz: Drake Helps Apple Introduce Apple Music, Did Cara Delevingne Just Leave Her Agency?

Jihan Forbes is the Staff Writer/Copy Editor for theFashionSpot and a freelance fashion writer. She spends her days tirelessly writing and her work has been featured on Fashionista, XOJane, The Cut and more. She lives in Harlem, but will always be a Bronx girl. Send her an e-mail sometime.

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Yawn: Edie Campbell Fronts Hugo Boss’ Fall 2015 Campaign (Forum Buzz)

It’s official: our forums are becoming increasingly bored with Edie Campbell, if their comments on the latest Hugo Boss Fall 2015 campaign are any indication. Jason Wu cast the British model alongside Clement Chabernaud in the moody ads photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin. The images were shot amongst rooms constructed of dark grey felt — and you’ll either love it or loathe it.

Ad Campaign Boss Fall 2015 Edie Campbell by Inez & Vinoodh


Forum members laced straight into the campaign with jescajade almost falling asleep with the word “yawn.”

“I never disliked Edie. In fact, I liked her a lot a year ago. However, she’s starting to bore me. She’s outdated. Trite. Stale. A dynamic model would have made the boring clothes and setting come to life. I’m sure there was enough budget to hire Raquel Zimmermann,” hoped anlabe32.

“Agreed, a more dynamic model would’ve made this better. Amanda Murphy would’ve looked great. Still, this isn’t terrible,” responded littlekiki.

Benn98 wasn’t impressed either. “Edie isn’t a terrible model, but she just needs to take the quirk down a bit. Jason Wu needs to get his sh*t together because I’ve not seen a good campaign since he took control,” he complained.

Sharing the same attitude was Nomar: “In the first two pics I think there is way too much negative space it just looks odd. Edie is quickly becoming lackluster in my eyes and this campaign is easily forgettable – YAWN.”

“I absolutely hate the set,” noted Royal-Galliano.

Wanna vent? Join the conversation here.

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6 Best Drugstore Concealers for Every Skin Concern

Whether you have dark under-eye circles or have suffered a bad breakout, concealer is a must when it comes to doing your makeup. But you don’t have to spend a bunch of cash to get a quality formula that will give you a fresh-faced look. Drugstore concealers offer a wide range of options for different skin concerns and are pretty reasonable when it comes to price. Best of all, they often rival their high-end competitors when it comes to their efficacy, wear and coverage level. So if you want to even out skin tone, hide a blemish or brighten your eye area, or just fake a full night’s sleep, check out the six best drugstore concealers we can’t stop raving about.

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French Couturier Madame Carven Passes Away at 105 Years Old

Madame Carven

Image: Getty

Madame Carven, the French couturier whose namesake house is now under the design direction of Alexis Martial and Adrien Caillaudaud, died at the age of 105. Née Carmen de Tommaso, Carven enjoyed a long life and illustrious career, starting her line in 1945 to design beautiful clothes for petite women. 

Carven’s work over the years was heavily inspired by her trips to locales all over the world, adopting design codes of various peoples in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. She is credited as one of the first European designers to use African and Indian fabrics in her clothes and had a penchant for gingham and stripes. Carven also designed costumes for films, airline uniforms and several wedding dresses. Carven, who got the name of her house by combining the letters of her first name (Carmen) with the last letters of her aunt’s last name (Josy Boyriven), famously said, “If I had been a big beautiful girl, I would have never started my fashion house! “

Madame Carven retired from her house in 1993. She will certainly be missed and her mark on the fashion industry will not be forgotten.

[via WWD, Le Monde Vogue Fr]

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Miley Cyurs Gets Naked for Paper Magazine

There are few pleasures in life dearer to Miley Cyrus than being naked and using her nudity to draw more attention to herself. And the kind folks at Paper magazine gave the singer another precious opportunity to frolic in the buff for its latest magazine cover.

Miley Cyrus Paper Magazine

Image: Paper

A naked, mud-covered Cyrus wraps her arms around her pet pig Bubba Sue’s neck as poor Bubba Sue squeals into the camera, her eyes peering longingly into the lens held by a human (Paola Kudacki) who won’t help her get away from Cyrus’ steel grip. Bubba Sue, you don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve this at all. 

In the issue, Cyrus talks about her Happy Hippie Foundation, which she launched to help homeless LGBT youth. And what better way to promote a charitable endeavor than by stripping naked and covering yourself in mud? There is none.

Miley’s Paper issue hits newsstands June 22. 

[via Paper]

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Salute Your Shorts! Bermudas Are Here to Stay

Michael Kors, J.Crew, Adam Lippes Spring 2015

Michael Kors, J.Crew, Adam Lippes Spring 2015; Images: Imaxtree

As the temperatures are rising, hemlines are dropping. Designers from Christian Dior to Michael Kors offered up new takes on Bermuda shorts to keep us cool and covered this season, and the silhouettes are anything but frumpy. The classic knee-length trousers were reimagined in leather at Adam Lippes, paired up in a matching summer suit at Tibi and transformed into a culotte-Bermuda hybrid at J.Crew. 

Tibi, Christian Dior, Emilia Wickstead Spring 2015; Image

Tibi, Christian Dior, Emilia Wickstead Spring 2015; Images: Imaxtree

If you want to dress up your shorts, take a cue from Emilia Wickstead’s playbook and pair them with structured tunic and heels for business casual Fridays in the office. Or sport your new shorts with ankle boots and a T-shirt for summer concerts, Dior style. The possibilities are endless.

To shop the best Bermuda shorts of the season, click on the gallery below.

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LOFT Launches Its ‘Best Summer Ever’ Comedy Video Series

Loft summer videos

Image: LOFT

LOFT is back to kick off another season with a crop of hilarious videos by hilarious girls. This time around, the retailer tapped comedians Ashley Clements (who you may recognize from the Emmy Award-winning digital series, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries), Irene Choi and Hayley Huntley to perfectly portray all the things about summer we love and love to hate. 

The shorts bring a humorous slant to everything from camping, riding in an Uber sans A/C and attending awkward summer barbecues because you don’t want to be the only loser with nothing to do on a beautiful day. Let’s just say we couldn’t stop laughing through all of them. The first of the video series just went live, which you can view at LOFT’s dedicated web page.

Of course, we had to get in touch with the girls to talk about the shorts, dish on their favorite things to do during the season and find out what they’re looking for in a summer boo, among other things. 

theFashionSpot: What’s better? Rooftop pool party or backyard pool party?

Irene Choi: Backyard. Hanging out with a bunch of wet, drunk people on top of a building sounds kind of dangerous.

Hayley Huntley: Rooftop pool party — how do pools on roofs work? What do those things weigh? How aren’t we all amazed all the time?

Ashley Clements: I’ve never been to a rooftop pool party! I’m going to say that’s better because the grass is always greener and I love grass. Like in backyards. Oh, wait. 

tFS: What are your biggest dos and don’ts for the beach?

IC: Do — wear sunscreen, stay hydrated, bring a boogie board (not just for kids!), pee in the water only if you must. Don’t — wear sneakers or makeup, bring expensive things, touch any washed up animals that appear to be dead, poop in the water under any circumstances.

HH: Do — wear sunscreen, pay for long-term parking so you don’t have to keep checking the meter (in LA), wear more sunscreen, put your dumb phone away, eat your cold sandwich before it gets warm. Don’t — play top 40 music so loud I can’t hear the waves and my important thoughts, call me an old woman for saying don’t play your loud music.

AC: Do — wear sunscreen. Slather yourself in it. And reapply every two hours! Don’t — waste a second feeling bad or self-conscious about your body. Every body is a beach body if you take it to the beach!

tFS: How do you stay cool when the A/C conks out?

IC: My place doesn’t have A/C, so I have this down: Strip down to underwear, stand in front of an open fridge, avoid cooking, reject hugs from visitors, reject cuddle propositions from my cats, take a cold shower.

HH: I hate A/C — I’d rather wait all afternoon for that sweet, sweet early evening window breeze.

AC: When I was a kid, we’d go to the movies to cool off. When I was a broke grad student, I used to fill the bathtub with a few inches of cold water and sit in it like a sad, private pool. Probably not a good idea in the California drought, though. I’ve also used ice packs pretty creatively. 

tFS: What are your favorite summer activities?

IC: Cookouts where I am the cook and everyone tells me how awesome I am. 

HH: BBQing, sitting on the patio at any hour, walking at night with no sweater, smelling flowers, debating “hot or iced coffee?” daily.

AC: I’m a big hiker, but I do that year round in LA. I can justify eating a lot more frozen desserts in the summer, though. 

tFS: What do you look for in a summer fling?

IC: An HBO GO account?

HH: Can read.

AC: The only things I fling are my shoes off when I get home.

tFS: What was the best thing about putting these videos together?

IC: Aside from an almost all-female cast, we had a very female-dominated crew. 

HH: Ad-libbing in character!

AC: Getting to work with our director, Yulin Kuang. I’ve been a big fan of hers for a while and I was thrilled for a chance to collaborate. Yulin has such a unique and exciting voice as a director and I always want to support women in film. 

tFS: What’s the best thing about summer in LA? What’s the worst?

IC: Best is the weather. I think summers in LA are better than summers anywhere else because it never gets humid or too dry. The worst is seeing guys’ toes come out of hiding. Also, bad tattoos. 

HH: The best part of summer is the collective vibe of people coming out from under winter and living a playful, relaxed, stay-out-late, wander-to-each-other’s-BBQs, no-rules lifestyle. The worst thing is when it’s over.

AC: I think the best is how much the city empties out as people escape the heat — traffic really eases up! The worst is probably the heat. Winter in LA is my favorite season. But there’s never that much fluctuation in weather in LA — that’s why we live here. 

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The 23 Best NYC Hair Salons Right Now

For many of us, our hair is our crowning glory. It defines part of our identity — whether long or short, straight or curly, light or dark. We color it, curl it, plait it or straighten it to satisfy our needs. But finding the right stylist to handle something as precious as our mane can be a tricky job, so we compiled a list of some of the best New York City salons to suit your every hair need.

Images: Courtesy

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Beyoncé Hyped Up Her GMA Appearance to Tell Us Something We Already Know

Beyonce vegan diet

Image: WENN

Beyoncé stans woke up extra early today to tune into Good Morning America to hear the “amazing” announcement the singer was just dying to get off her chest. Bey and GMA even launched an epic teaser for the episode, complete with dramatic sound effects and a quote from Bey herself, saying that it was something she “had to share with everyone.” Was she announcing a new tour? A new baby? Was Beyoncé finally going to admit what we knew all along: she is a cyborg and therefore truly too perfect to be 100% human?

Nope. Turns out Beyoncé’s big news was way more mundane. In what was the equivalent of a tabloid fluff piece, Bey visited GMA to talk about her vegan diet and 22 Days Nutrition meal service. Yawn. “I am not naturally the thinnest woman,” she said. “I have curves, I’m proud of my curves. I have struggled since a young age with diets. Finding something that actually works, that actually keeps the weight off has been difficult for me.” Blah blah blah, Beyoncé we’re not buying your darn pre-packaged vegan meals so leave us alone! 

Of course, the Beyhive did not hesitate to express their disappointment on their dear leader’s less-than-groundbreaking announcement.

We already saw the results of her vegan diet with a see-through dress on the Met Gala red carpet and we pretty much already knew she wasn’t eating meat. But you know, at least Good Morning America got its time in the spotlight this morning. 

[h/t Us]

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Lorde ‘Looks Stunning’ on Vogue Australia’s July Cover (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Australia continues to impress by tapping Lorde as its July 2015 cover girl. Our forums were aware of the shoot based on discussions inside the Cover Rumor Thread (the place to be) and we’ve been anticipating the issue ever since. The cover finally dropped over the weekend and became an instant hit. The singer and songwriter from New Zealand was styled by Christine Centenera, who selected an enchanting floral Gucci dress for Lorde to wear as she sat before the lens of Robbie Fimmano.

“Oh wow. She looks ethereal and beautiful. The cover scheme though might be perfect for October but regardless; Vogue Australia slays it again and as of now, they’re the most consistent Vogue franchise. They’re [in a] league of their own and they’re clearly putting the Top 4 to shame,” crowned MON.

“Beautiful, I’m loving everything about this cover so far, it’s also her first Vogue cover,” informed an elated MDNA.

Also showing the cover some love was TeeVanity: “Wow, Lorde looks stunning!”

HeatherAnne agreed: “Loving the jewel tones they styled her in, gorgeous work from them as always,” she praised.

Forum member khyrk was quick to reply, “I like how soft and romantic this is. Could have been a portrait. Could have been a Valentino ad. Love it!”

Vogue Australia has been winning all year with their covers!!! I’m glad to see Lorde on the cover. Kinda overdue in my opinion,” admitted RanThe.

Admit that Aussie Vogue nailed this cover shoot inside the thread here.

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Karl Lagerfeld to Beef Up US Presence

Karl Lagerfeld

Image: WENN

Karl Lagerfeld’s namesake label is about to have a do-over in America. The designer has signed with G-III Apparel Group Ltd. to help relaunch the brand for the Spring 2016 season. In addition to a flagship, the range will be made readily available in American department stores, with a focus on women’s clothes and handbags as well as men’s outerwear.

“We believe there’s an opportunity for another power brand today, and I can’t think of a better vehicle to fill that void than Karl Lagerfeld,” said G-III President, chairman and CEO Morris Goldfarb. The American version of Lagerfeld’s label is expected to be different than what he sells in Europe and Asia, in that the clothes will be marketed to a “broader audience,” according to Karl Lagerfeld Group President and CEO Pier Paolo Righi. G-III is hoping that Lagerfeld’s built-in notoriety will help boost interest for his brand in the United States. 

This comes at a time of great expansion for the Lagerfeld brand, which plans to open five new shops this year and one shop-in-shop location in the Middle East, with plans to open stores in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore next year.

[via WWD]

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Kate Moss Gets Kicked off Plane, Calls Pilot ‘Basic Bitch’

Kate Moss basic

Image: WENN

This weekend, Kate Moss reportedly got kicked off an EasyJet flight for being “disruptive,” but as she was escorted off the plane, Moss made sure to let her true feelings about the plane’s pilot be known. According to the BBC, airline staff called the police to “assist staff in escorting a passenger from a flight arriving into Luton airport.” Reports say the passenger in question was Kate Moss, though the police did not specify that the model was involved.

A passenger said Moss wasn’t being particularly disruptive on the flight and that the staff was “overreacting” but as Moss was being shown the door, she allegedly called the pilot a “basic bitch,” which we guess was her opportunity to use a new phrase she learned in a sentence. But what we really want to know is what was so basic about this pilot? Was she or he wearing Uggs and watching reruns of Sex and the City while clutching a nameplate necklace and munching on collard greens (the new kale for basics)?

Who knows. Kate Moss recently appeared in an Instagram video with Marc Jacobs in which they create their own version of Lohanthony’s 2012 “basic bitch” leg-twirling video. She might be several years too late, but we think we found Kate Moss’ new favorite phrase. 

[via BBC, Independent]

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5 Things You Missed This Week on theFashionSpot

Kimye: always best-dressed in our eyes and hearts. Image: Getty

Kimye: always best-dressed in our eyes and hearts. Image: Getty

It’s a gloomy, unseasonably chilly Friday here in the Northeast, but that’s no matter, we have the Internet to keep us warm. As per usual, it’s been a knockout week here at theFashionSpot. Check out the five articles you simply must read before you start your weekend. From celebs bucking gender norms in the coolest ways possible to great new options for at-home fitness, we have you covered.

  1. You’d totally work out more if you only had a bit more time — and a killer fitness studio nearby, right? Yeah, same, which is why our latest obsession is streaming workout videos. They bring the top-notch trainers and routines right to you, whether it’s something akin to alone time with Tracy Anderson you crave or just a killer class from the comfort of your own home. We’ve rounded up six great streaming options.
  2. The red carpets of the Grammys and the Oscars are for everyone but the CFDA red carpet is for true fashionistas. Click over to see our exhaustive roundup of all the best looks, from fave celebs (Kimye) to designers (Tom Ford, Donna Karan) and fashion insiders (Miroslava Duma).
  3. Look, people like to poke a bit of fun at Jaden Smith — with mega-celebrity parents, you’d be a little untethered to the real world, too — but we have to give the young star major props for his bold choice of prom attire. The young Smith donned a cool black and white dress while attending prom with Amandla Stenberg of The Hunger Games. A fetching duo indeed.
  4. Heidi Klum said auf wiedersehen to 41 this week and to celebrate, we collected 10 of the weirdest, wackiest moments from the supermodel’s Instagram. Prepare yourself, there’s plenty of zany near-nudity and celeb cameos ahead.
  5. Huge news over at Vogue Italia: Steven Meisel, longtime shutterbug for the mag, has left. Though VI debuted four different non-Meisel covers for its China issue, tFS forum members were not at all impressed. Click on over to read what they had to say.

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