8 Unique Ways to Organize Your Beauty Products

If you’re at the point where you are struggling to find your hairbrush or mascara in the confines of your own home, then it’s probably time to organize your beauty arsenal. The tFS team recently shared a pretty rad mason jar DIY, but we know your storage needs go beyond makeup brushes and mascaras. We turned to Pinterest for a little inspiration for unique ways to organize everything from nail polish to hair dryers. Here, eight creative and super easy ways to organize beauty products like a pro.

1. This is one of the coolest IKEA hacks we’ve seen in a long time and it’s probably because it involves an easy DIY to tidy up all sorts of beauty essentials, from a flat iron to makeup brushes.

2. Speaking of easy, this foolproof way to store lipsticks and lip glosses is genius. Not only will all of your lippies be in one spot, but when the label is facing up, it will be so much easier to find your favorite shade in a snap.

3. If your beauty arsenal borders on hoarder territory, then it may be time to pull out the big guns; shelving. Wall-mounted shelves are ideal for making use of a misplaced nook in your home — or if you just simply have too many products to stash under the sink.

4. It doesn’t get much simpler than hitting The Container Store for a spice rack and showcasing all of your pretty perfume bottles to keep them organized.

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