Best YouTube Beauty Vloggers to Bookmark Right Now

In order to perfect our nail art or eyeshadow, we sometimes turn to YouTube’s best beauty vloggers. There’s always our go-to channels of early adopters of the video sharing site like Lisa Eldridge, Zoella and Michelle Phan, but there are some lesser-known beauty gurus that are just as talented at delivering tutorials for every kind of makeup need.

YouTube has revolutionized beauty by offering users countless hair, makeup and nail how-tos and also helped catapult the careers of some influencers to superstar levels. Advertising Age recently ranked the top style and beauty vloggers based on their monthly earnings and each one of them is making at least $14,000 a month (that’s after YouTube gets its cut, too). Beauty vlogger Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, is getting a wax figure, Eldridge recently inked a deal with Lancôme and Phan has her own makeup line on top of practically being the face of YouTube beauty stars. These ladies mean business when it comes to beauty — in every sense of the word — and we’re all for it.

It’s also no wonder these successful vloggers are killing it, once you check out a video you’ll be so fascinated that you’ll soon watch another two or five. Before you know it, you’re subscribed to a channel and following them on social media. The “real girl” aspect of vloggers is what makes watching these videos so enjoyable. These experts — with quite the loyal following — give viewers useful insight as they apply a product or use a hair tool, which makes their advice really authentic and a pleasure to watch.

Here, nine of our favorite YouTube beauty vloggers to bookmark right now for all of your primping needs.

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