Warehouse Launches Women to Watch Campaign

Leaving university and trying to get your foot through the door in any industry is difficult these days and wouldn’t it be great if when your career finally takes off there was someone to guide you through? British fashion retailer Warehouse is doing just that and answering the prayers of several rising female stars across the fashion, film, set design, photography, music and digital fields by matching them with highly successful mentors.

Not only is Warehouse offering invaluable advice to young people during the early stages of their careers, but it’s particularly great to see that the campaign has a female slant. Women in the workplace are still greatly outnumbered by men, especially in the highest positions, so every campaign that encourages young women to achieve their dreams is a positive.

The lineup of mentors in Warehouse’s Women to Watch campaign includes broadcaster Edith Bowman, who’s mentoring MTV presenter Lilah Parsons, and Sarah Drinkwater, head of Google Campus London, who’s dishing out a tip or two to Chloé Watts from the tech solutions blog chloédigital.

You can follow their journeys throughout the summer, but for now, Grazia has teamed up with everybody involved to provide us with some inspirational career advice via a series of short interviews that can be viewed here. In one video, Parsons dishes out our favourite career mantra: “Always remember that there’s probably someone else at your level who’s working harder than you are.”

So when you’re about to take your fourth coffee break of the day, remember that there’s somebody hot on your heels who isn’t slacking off!

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