Watch Four Minutes of Rihanna Spinning in the Full-Length Dior Secret Garden IV Video

Care for more Rihanna x Dior? The French Fashion house has released a four-minute version of its “Secret Garden IV” film with the pop singer and in this one, there is a lot more running, twirling and general glamour and badassery from Riri.

And when we say there is more twirling, we mean A LOT MORE TWIRLING. We would have been pretty dizzy filming this spot, but Rihanna spins like a pro through the halls of Versailles and out in the garden in all her very fancy Dior duds. The singer stomps with authority down one of the palace’s halls, turning around only to cast the fiercest of glances over her shoulder. Yeah, it’s pretty epic, as is basically anything Rihanna does. If you were feeling the short version of the film, you’re gonna love this one.

Check out Riri’s four-minute overture for Dior in the video above.

[h/t Vogue UK]

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