This Plus-Size Agent Doesn’t See a Future in Modeling for Tess Holliday

We’re in the midst of a plus-size revolution in the world of fashion and modeling, with bloggers setting the pace and demanding labels create fashionable clothes for larger gals. Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel campaign for its Cacique lingerie line caused quite a buzz and the latest issue of People magazine features size 22 model Tess Holliday. Tess is the first model of her size and height  (5’5″) to get a modeling contract. Despite her early success, however, there are some folks who wonder if her days in the industry are numbered. 

Business Insider interviewed an anonymous plus-size agent to get her take on the state of plus modeling today. While it seems we’re beginning to make strides in body diversity, this agent is not confident the trend will last. She has a particularly bleak forecast for Ms. Holliday, whom she believes is the flavor of the moment. “I doubt Tess Holliday will get much more work than the Yours campaign she has just shot,” she said. “Her agent has been very savvy from day one about using social media to drum up interest in her girls, and to win clients. But again, I think the much bigger sizes don’t have staying power. It is a freak show. The buzz will die down again.”

Ouch. She attributes Holliday’s success to her strong social media following, which we think would make her something of a plus-size Instagirl – sounds pretty good, right? After all, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and their ilk were able to help boost their popularity through social media, so why would Holliday be any different? According to this agent, it’s because of Holliday’s size. “Holliday is not a healthy size and I think it does encourage those who battle with weight to just say ‘f*** it’ and not take care of themselves. It’s not a popular attitude, but it’s my humble opinion.” Good thing her opinion is anonymous. “I’ve seen how the seasoned and popular girls work out and take care of themselves and it’s inspiring stuff. They will never be a [UK] size 10, but they are a glorious and healthy and toned [UK] size 16. Prime examples are Laura Wells and Robyn Lawley. Granted there are a lot of bloggers out there like Holliday who are [UK] size 20+ and write about fashion and acceptance, and good luck to them, but I’m doubtful if they will ever stick in the mainstream long term.”

Fashion is unpredictable, but we’re hoping this agent is wrong about Holliday, who is gorgeous and says she’s been pretty busy since signing with MiLK. Most likely too busy to care about other people’s opinions on her career trajectory. If this agent’s words prove anything, it’s that Ms. Holliday still has boundaries to break and she will do that once she establishes some sort of longevity.

[via Business Insider]

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