You Wont Find Montana Cox in a Gym Without Some Male Eye Candy

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Ever wondered how Montana Cox manages to stay in such amazing shape? Well, the Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 7 winner has attractive men to thank for that, saying we won’t find her in a gym unless there are some hotties involved.

“I can only go into a gym if there are, like, some good-looking boys or something,” Montana told Sydney Confidential. “Then maybe I can deal with it.”

“I cannot go into a gym and just run around on a treadmill because I have a really short attention span. I get very bored very quickly. Gyms are not for me,” she continued. We can relate, haven’t we all felt this way at some point? 

To keep her workouts fresh and challenging, Montana opts for outdoor fitness sessions as opposed to sweating it out in the confines of a gym. “I do try and train as much as I can, usually three times a week. I like to go for walks, get outside and go for a swim. I like to mix it up a bit,” she explained. 

This girl really has her work-out routine covered, sweaty men and all. Seriously, though, we salute her and all the unsung hero hotties that continue to cure our boredom in gyms everywhere.

[Via Sydney Confidential]

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