#BeyonceAlwaysonBeat Is the Hashtag That Will Make Your Tuesday

We know you’re probably bummed to be back in the office after a glorious long weekend, but we’ve got something to cheer you up. While you were chowing down on hot dogs and burgers this Memorial Day weekend, some geniuses on the Internet were busy proving Beyoncé’s overall perfection with the hilarious #BeyonceAlwaysonBeat hashtag. Savvy social media magicians took clips of the pop singer dancing and mixed them with different songs to illustrate that no matter what the tune, Beyoncé will always slay on the dance floor. From hip hop to bounce and yes, even gospel, you can watch Beyoncé flawlessly break it down to every track – and it’s hilarious.

Peep some of our favorite Bey mashups below.

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