5 Easy Summer Braids for Super Curly Hair

The best philosophy when it comes to summer hair is to keep it heat-free and this is especially true if you have curly hair. This means you should air dry and avoid hot tools as much as possible. Curly hair is prone to dryness so when you’re not indulging your tresses in a rich, moisturizing treatment, braids are a foolproof way of styling hair — and luckily, they don’t require much time, skill, or anything more than a hair tie or a few bobby pins. Here, we’re highlighting 5 easy, breezy, gorgeous summer braids to try if you have curly hair.

Half-Up Braid Crown

Show off your highlights and healthy curls by twisting hair into mini braids in a surprisingly quick — two minutes to be exact — and effortless half-up style. Don’t believe us? Check out the how-to on Hair Romance’s YouTube page.

Overlapping Braids

Embrace bouncy ringlets and wear them down and au naturel by simply creating a headband out of tiny, overlapping braids. This is hands down the easiest style to create (hint: no cornrowing skills are necessary) and the result is beautiful. Leave it to our friends at Buzzfeed to nail a braid hack.

Half-Up Side Braid

For curls that are on the large side or if you’re were blessed with lots of luscious locks, a half-up style is a no-fuss way to keep hair pulled back without going for a full-on ponytail (which can fall flat mid-day). The thick braid along the hairline completes the style effortlessly for a fun summer look. Get the step-by-step break down at Loxa Beauty.

Braided Updo

If your weaving technique is advanced, then this intricate updo is for you. The fun twisted crown-slash-updo makes for a gorgeous weekend look and is also ideal if you’re hitting the beach and want to condition strands while you’re at it with one of these leave-in treatments. Get the full tutorial on Hair Romance.

Crown Braid

This understated crown style is perfect for curls that are in transition or if you’re looking for an office-appropriate style that will hold curls neatly back. 

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