Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour Wristbands Are Saving Lives

Photo: WENN

Photo: WENN

Taylor Swift has put away two major victories over the last fortnight. A) she got her very own lego portrait at LEGOLAND and b) broke the internet with her epic Bad Blood video. Oh, she saved a couple of lives too. NBD.

WBRZ2 reports that Swifty fan Elizabeth Dazzio was driving her sister, Caroline, and a friend home from Tay’s 1989 show last Friday at Louisiana’s Baton Rouge when she fell asleep at the wheel. The car veered of the highway and crashed as a result, leaving Elizabeth unconscious and the other two girls trapped.

“You could smell the gas and smoke,” Caroline told WBRZ. “I was just thinking we need to get out of this car.” Two of the girls’ phones were dead while the other couldn’t be found, and, with cars passing and not stopping, they were running out of options.

The girls say they then used their light-up armbands from Taylor’s show, which had been programmed and synced to the beat of the music, as emergency flares to get the attention of people passing by.

A woman stopped and told the girls she saw the lights and knew someone was in trouble. “She could tell that there was someone in the car,” Caroline said. A woman and man who were with her helped pull the girls out of the wreckage and called for help.

Elizabeth is expected to be released from hospital soon, and Taylor is overjoyed with the news of her lifesaving accessory. “This is unreal. I’m so happy they’re OK,” Taylor wrote to Twitter.

She’s a chart-topper, boyfriend-getter, BFF-lover, and, now, a lifesaver. We’d like forensics to check if she’s human, please.

[Via WRBZ2]

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