Tara Moss is Heading to the Syrian Border with UNICEF

Tara Moss at Women of Style 2014

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Model citizen Tara Moss is headed to the Syrian border for her role as UNICEF’s Australian ambassador for children’s survival.

Confidential reports that the model-turned-crime-writer plans to travel to Lebanon with UNICEF Australia, to meet Syrian families living in tent villages. She hopes the trip will bring attention to the plight of the world’s largest migration of refugees, with refuge migration out of Syria creeping close to four million.

Half of these refugees are children, who are at risk of the massive displacement inside and within countries neighbouring Syria. “I can’t turn away from that. We can’t turn away from that,” she explained to Confidential. “This refugee crisis has slipped from the global radar. We’ve all but forgot about the immense humanitarian crisis here.”

Tara will report for three days from tented refugee settlements on the Syrian border for UNICEF. “I hope to learn a lot during this journey and shine a light on the real human beings most impacted by this conflict — the normal, innocent people, the families, the children, and the heroes and heroines that are the aid workers risking their lives to help,” Tara said.

[Via Confidential]

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