There’s a Big Sale Going on at the Soon-Closing Band of Outsiders Store

Things are really not looking great for Band of Outsiders. The contemporary label has been rumored to be in the process of shutting down, and it looks like they are going full steam ahead. According to WWD, the New York-based brand will be closing its SoHo boutique at the end of June.

The Band of Outsiders Instagram page shows an image of a sign assuring customers that the store is still open as of now and that they are selling their wares at discount prices, which is sometimes a telltale sign that a brand might be in trouble or trying to get as rid of as much merchandise as possible before officially shuttering. Staff members at the label’s 70 Wooster St. store say that most of the items are for sale at up to 40 percent off and even more price reductions are expected as the store’s closing date nears. They mention that the sale was already planned before the news broke, so perhaps the closing process has been going on for longer than we thought. 

‘Tis possibly the only upside to a beloved label shutting down – getting discount designer duds. Band of Outsiders founder Scott Sternberg still will not comment or confirm whether the brand will be shuttering completely.

[via WWD]

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