Obsessed: A Guide to Finding the Right Shower Cap

I’m always in the market for a super powered hair dryer and I’m already through my bottle of Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield, which just hit shelves earlier this month. It goes without saying that I’m very into my hair, and it’s because of this that I absolutely need a shower cap to shield my hair as much as I need shampoo when I’m washing it. And although I’d like to think this hair obsession is a byproduct of my job in the beauty industry, sadly, it’s not.

I can clearly remember being a kid and sitting in awe as my nona effortlessly blew out her short hair using a round boar-bristle brush and a Conair hair dryer. She was in the jewelry business, but she could have fooled anyone with her technique — or at least my 10-year-old self. This moment, along with other primping sessions at Nona’s that followed, most definitely contributed to my obsession with having my hair styled at all times. In fact, I can’t remember a time before I became a beauty editor when I didn’t have my hair done (in public) to my standards. Through my love of styling tools, I inadvertently became hooked on using shower caps obsessively when it was a no-wash day. Whether I was on a family vacation or sleeping over at a friend’s house, my shower cap was right there in my suitcase alongside my toothbrush and other (real) essentials. Thanks to this unlikely staple that I need in my life, I have some things to share when it comes to shower caps because I, if anyone, know all about these blowout savers.

First off, not all caps are created equal. My head shape borders on large and I have a lot of hair. This means those disposable ones found in hotel rooms are my worst nightmare, but will work for ladies with average amounts of hair and a small head. They’re great for the purpose they serve: a one-time use, but don’t expect them to last past a shower or two. 

The ideal cap is snug around the hairline, ensuring that zero water will seep through and is terry cloth-lined. Seriously, the lining makes all the difference. The terry cloth helps wick away moisture that may be sneaking onto your scalp, preventing frizz. So necessary. Lately, I’ve been using Klorane’s new oversized cap a lot due to its roominess and loving it.

I also use my beloved shower cap for deep conditioning treatments featuring my favorite hair mask. Disposables are great for this hack, but I also flip my fancy cap inside out to keep hair out of my face and ensure that my hair is getting a full dose of hydration under there. Works like a charm.

I can’t be the only one who loves a shower cap this much, am I? 

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