Sophie Monk Opens Up About Her Struggle with Fame and Bardot

When Sophie Monk became the resident blonde babe of five-piece pop group Bardot, many fans were blind to the struggles she went through as a young girl being thrust into the spotlight. These Days, excuse the reference, Sophie is opening up about how the experience affected her.

After becoming a celebrity overnight thanks to the 2000 TV series Popstars, Sophie told The Daily Telegraph she “wouldn’t be surprised” if she suffered from post traumatic stress disorder as a result. “It’s just not normal for everyone to know you all of the sudden,” she said.

And for anyone who lived and breathed the show, you’ll know just how hectic the Popstars craze was. “There was no other show like it, ever, it was before Australian Idol,” Sophie explained, mentioning that she thought it would be similar to an ABC doco. Not quite.

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The success of the show and the girl group was overwhelming for her. “It was so crazy, people used to pull my hair out,” Sophie revealed. “I remember being in Singapore and they had to shut the escalators and give us police escorts, it was a bit like Michael Jackson.”

Perhaps the most poisonous info to come out of Sophie’s mouth, though, was that she hasn’t spoken to her former band members, Katie Underwood, Belinda Chapple, Sally Polihronas and Tiffani Wood, since the band broke up way back in 2002.

“It was worse than high school because the girls were smarter. They were a bit older then me too,” she said of working with her band members. “I’m sure they were messing around, but I was so innocent back then. I don’t speak to the girls anymore, it’s like school, we grew apart.”

Our pre-pubescent self is clutching our fuschia-pink copy of Poison and hoping for a TV reunion special, A.S.A.P.

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