How Nadia Fairfax Landed Her Gig on ‘Fashion Bloggers’ Season 2

Photo: Style Network

Photo: Style Network

When Margaret Zhang opted out of reality-doco series Fashion Bloggers and a “spot opened up” for Nadia Fairfax, the petite beauty, quite literally, slid right in.

“It was actually quite an organic process,” Nadia explains to theFashionSpot. “I made a couple of appearances in the last season and the spot opened up, and of course the girls were thrilled to have me,” she laughs.

Luckily for Nadia, those previous appearances, including the time she stacked in on a General Pants Co. shoot, made her addition to the cast an easier transition than expected. “Most of us have existing relationships so it felt really easy to slide into the role and we’re all really good friends,” she tells us, noting that there were absolutely no issues during the switch.

Nadia Fairfax

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She also credits her fellow cast members, including Zanita Whittington, Sara Donaldson, Kate Waterhouse and Amanda Shadforth for paving the way in this crazy world of fashion blogging. 

“For me being a new blogger, these girls really set the standard and built what we have today in blogging so I was lucky enough to sort of jump on their tails and have some luck,” she says.

Thankfully the smiley blonde has her priorities in check, revealing that, despite the hectic schedule, “It’s just a whole heap of fun.”

Fashion Bloggers at David Jones Fashion Launch

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Nadia will appear as a permanent fixture on Season 2 of Fashion Bloggers, which premieres on E! on Thursday, June 4.

See our full interview with the Fashion Bloggers cast here.

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