Triple j Is Attempting to Revive the Musical Glory of ‘The O.C’

Mmm watcha say? Australian radio station triple j is trying to bring back the musical flavours of rich-kids drama The O.C, almost a decade after it pulled on our heart strings for the first time.

This month marks exactly nine years since beautiful-headcase Marissa Cooper died in that fateful car crash courtesy of noted bad-boy Volchock, and triple j is commemorating the prime character’s death, and essentially the death of The O.C (let’s not pretend Season Four did anything for us), by celebrating the show’s significance as a portal for music discovery at the time. 

We’re talking Death Cab For Cutie, The Killers, Modest Mouse and Imogen Heap, plus Aussie acts like Jet, Howling Bells and Youth Group, who rose to the forefront of public consciousness, thanks in part to the show.

Because “coincidentally” this year has been “triumphant” for triple j’s digital platform triple j Unearthed, the stations’s Lachie Macara, Dave Ruby Howe and Max Quinn have put the spotlight on nine triple j Unearthed artists, as part of a “modern-day” OC soundtrack.

The nine-song playlist includes the likes of emerging artists Sahara Beck, Le Pie and Hopium. Excuse the fan-girl references here, but nothing can compare to Marissa and Ryan rolling the dice during their forehead-smacking NYE countdown, painting the silence while they had their first kiss on the ferris wheel, and turning into dust a la Mazzy Star when Marissa overdosed in TJ.

Forever young, you guys.

[Via Triple j Unearthed]

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