Miranda Kerr’s Mum, Therese Kerr, Insists There’s No Family Feud Over New Organic Venture

Miranda Kerr has continually shown us that she’s committed to spreading the health benefits of going organic with her premium skincare range, KORA Organics. Meanwhile, Miranda’s mum, Therese Kerr, is starting her own endeavour with entrepreneurial venture Divine, an organic line of hygiene, health and beauty products.

Therese insists it’s not a sensitive issue, though, and there’s no bad blood between them because of the two businesses. In fact, Therese says there’s no competition at all.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Therese explained, “You only have to look at the products to see they are non-competing bloody products — ours are deodorants and toothpaste and mouthwash and hand sanitiser and haircare, Miranda’s is premium skincare.”

Therese’s brother-in-law David, sister-in-law Jane, and son, “Matty“, work on KORA Organics, while her husband, John, and two nieces work on Divine. Therese also mentions that there are “others in both”.

There has long been talk of an ongoing feud between Miranda and her family, but Therese insists that Miranda is supportive of Divine products and is proud of her mum. 

“We are a close, beautiful, loving family and we’ve always been that,” she said. Miranda also gave a shout out to her mum on Twitter, sharing the news of the Divine launch and writing, “Congratulations Mum.”

Therese, who is also the national ambassador for Australian Organics Australia, revealed that other obligations prevented Miranda from branching out into other areas. “Miranda has her own contracts which prohibit her from doing the things I wanted to do — that’s when we decided we would do it under Divine.”

Competition or not, we’re sure the mother-daughter-duo will continue to dominate the organic health and wellbeing industry, one amazing product at a time.

[Via The Daily Telegraph]

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Jaden Smith Gives Gender Norms the Finger at Prom

Jaden Smith went to prom last night, and gave gender norms a proverbial middle finger by wearing a sleek black-and-white dress instead of the traditional tux.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s son rocked the dresses-over-pants look, stuck to a monochromatic colour palette, and layered up with a suave black suit jacket. He slayed the fashion game, and there’s no two ways about it.

The 16-year-old also had the hottest date ever, Rue from The Hunger Games aka Amandla Stenberg, and we have no doubt that the pair absolutely dominated the entire event with just their presence. We only wish were as cool as these two at our own prom, or formal, or just in general everyday life.

Let’s not forget that this isn’t the first time Jaden has opted for a dress, or skirt. Whether he’s at Coachella or getting about in LA, Jaden loves himself some flowing options. He also wore an all-white Batman-esque suit, complete with a cape, to another formal in May, because fashion.

But being 2015 and all, we’re definitely on the same page as Jaden when it comes gender norms and stereotypes in the fashion arena. Men have been wearing kilts in the Scottish Highlands since the 16th century, and androgyny is a trend that rears its non-judgmental head season and again.

So while we’re all in some sort of tizzy over the outfit choice, be it good or bad, Jaden is definitely paving the way for men to be able to dress in typically female clothes and vice versa. It might take a while to normalise the image of a male wearing a skirt or a dress, but the conversation, thanks in part to Jaden, has begun.

Just don’t let those hemlines get too short, boys.

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Jaden Smith Gives Gender Norms the Finger at Prom

Jaden Smith went to prom last night, and gave gender norms a proverbial middle finger by wearing a sleek black-and-white dress instead of the traditional tux.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s son rocked the dresses-over-pants look, stuck to a monochromatic colour palette, and layered up with a suave black suit jacket. He slayed the fashion game, and there’s no two ways about it.

The 16-year-old also had the hottest date ever, Rue from The Hunger Games aka Amandla Stenberg, and we have no doubt that the pair absolutely dominated the entire event with just their presence. We only wish were as cool as these two at our own prom, or formal, or just in general everyday life.

Let’s not forget that this isn’t the first time Jaden has opted for a dress, or skirt. Whether he’s at Coachella or getting about in LA, Jaden loves himself some flowing options. He also wore an all-white Batman-esque suit, complete with a cape, to another formal in May, because fashion.

But being 2015 and all, we’re definitely on the same page as Jaden when it comes gender norms and stereotypes in the fashion arena. Men have been wearing kilts in the Scottish Highlands since the 16th century, and androgyny is a trend that rears its non-judgmental head season and again.

So while we’re all in some sort of tizzy over the outfit choice, be it good or bad, Jaden is definitely paving the way for men to be able to dress in typically female clothes and vice versa. It might take a while to normalise the image of a male wearing a skirt or a dress, but the conversation, thanks in part to Jaden, has begun.

Just don’t let those hemlines get too short, boys.

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Gemma Ward Fails to Sell Her $1,200 Artworks at Sydney Exhibition

Ellery Gemma Ward MBFWA

Photo: Getty

Gemma Ward may have a a fulfilling career as a model and actress, but can she build one on canvas? The international fashion model and Perth native has made her foray into the art world, but is struggling to get buyers for her work.

With a $1,200 price tag, the gorgeous Gemma failed to make one sale at an exhibition in Sydney’s Sun Studios last Wednesday. Gemma’s five artworks included Japanese-style brush strokes on a white background, cherry tree blossoms, and surfers waiting to catch a break. 

The Sunday Telegraph reports that fellow models Tanya Linney, Amy Finlayson and Rose Ashton, who are already well-established artists, all managed to sell their works on the the night. 

Although Ward didn’t manage the same feat, art critic Ralph Hobbs seems to be enthralled by the work she is producing. “They have a sense of composition and dynamism. They are quite bold,” he told The Sunday Telegraph. “If you are a model in front of the camera you get a sense of composition and that’s a fundamental part of creating a good picture.”

Amy, who also showcased on the night, has an arts degree and has worked in art galleries, said that she knows people who are keen on Gemma’s work.  “I have a few private buyers interested in her canvases,” she explained.

If we had the spare $1,200 lying around for decor purposes, we’d be interested too. Seriously, though, you can’t deny that having an original painting by Gemma is priceless in itself. It would also be a great conversation starter at dinner parties, helping us to avoid awkward silences at all costs.

Keep it up, Gemma. If at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again.

[Via The Sunday Telegraph]

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are Expecting Baby Number 2

Kim Kardashian Kanye West

Image: WENN

Kim Kardashian is pregnant! She’s expecting her second child to hubby, Kanye West, revealing the news on the May 31 midseason finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

As a teaser for the reality show’s second half of the season, Kim spilled the news to her family. “I just got the blood test back and I am pregnant!” she said.

This is phenomenal news for the couple, with Kim being open about her struggle to conceive a brother or sister for North West, 23 months. Throughout season 10 of KUWTK, Kim allowed cameras to document her visits with a fertility doctor.

“I’m, like, so over it,” Kim told her doctor. “Like, I’m exhausted, so I’m sure everyone gets to that point. I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m done.'”

This is certainly a different announcement to their first pregnancy, when Kanye unveiled the news by referring to Kim as his “baby mama” while performing in New Jersey in 2012.

Congrats, you two! We can’t wait for another Kardashian to keep up with.

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Simone Holtznagel Says Charlotte Dawson Has Been Visiting Her at Night

Model Simone Holtznagel believes she has encountered Charlotte Dawson on three occasions since she passed away in February 2014.

The former Australia’s Next Top Model contestant told Fairfax Media, “It’s happened once at my grandma’s house, again when I moved into my place in LA and then just the other night in my hotel room in Amsterdam. It’s the most surreal thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Simone was very close to Charlotte after spending time together on Australia’s Next Top Model, thinking of her as a mentor, “2nd mum” and best friend. She is grateful for the visits rather than freaked out by the experience. “It’s when I’m in bed at night, she comes over and sits down, she talks and reaches out to touch me. It’s not scary, it’s just nice to see her, I still have her photo on my phone,” she explained.

Understanding that some maybe sceptical, Simone reassured everyone that she was sober during her encounters with Charlotte. “I hadn’t had a drop of alcohol, maybe I’m just really tired,” she said.

[Via Sydney Morning Herald]

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5 Things You Missed This Week on theFashionSpot

Beyoncé: Queen of flawless extensions and always being on the beat. Image: Alo Ceballos/GC Images

Beyoncé: Queen of flawless extensions and always on beat. Image: Alo Ceballos/GC Images

Ah, the week after the Memorial Day holiday. Only four days long, it has really breezed right on by, hasn’t it? That said, we are always ready for a new weekend and the chance to catch up on all the best tFS content from this past week. While we’re always churning out the good stuff, here are the five articles you simply cannot miss from this post-holiday week. 

  1. Think your Instagram game is on-point? You’ve already got killer selfies and wanderlust-inducing landscape shots, but are you following the right people? From Czech models to fashion dads to Barbie, here’s who you should be following, stat.
  2. Do you have negative notions about hair extensions? Take a look at these celebrities with flawless locks that will have you rethinking artificial hair.
  3. If you’re in need of some perfect weekend entertainment, we have just the thing: amazing YouTube beauty vloggers. Check out our list, make your ideal playlist and get ready to DIY.
  4. The Jenners are coming…to Topshop. The youngest two sisters of the Kardashian-Jenner clan are designing a collection for Topshop and have wasted no time promoting it (natch) on their spanking new shared Instagram.
  5. Is Beyoncé kind of your everything? You’re not alone — and you need to check out the latest meme featuring Queen Bey: #BeyonceAlwaysonBeat. It’s a series of glorious videos of Beyoncé dancing flawlessly to any song. Clear evidence that she rules all.

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Link Buzz: Nicki Minaj Is Demanding in Bed, Ex Gucci Bosses Are Getting Hitched

Jihan Forbes is the Staff Writer/Copy Editor for theFashionSpot and a freelance fashion writer. She spends her days tirelessly writing and her work has been featured on Fashionista, XOJane, The Cut and more. She lives in Harlem, but will always be a Bronx girl. Send her an e-mail sometime.

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The 15 Best CC Creams of 2015

Promo Rectangle

Increase Slideshow Z-Index

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Workers’ Bill of Rights to Be Posted in All New York Nail Salons

Nail salon bill of rights

Image: WENN

New York is taking baby steps toward turning the tide against the abhorrent working conditions, flagrant abuses and health risks manicurists in the state face each and every day. After that eye-opening exposé in The New York Times detailing the sweatshop-like conditions salon workers are forced to endure, both the city and state of New York have been looking for ways to correct the issue. 

We are now beginning to see some reforms to the nail salon system. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has revealed a new poster outlining salon workers’ bill of rights, which is required to be on display in every nail salon in the state starting this week. The posters, which will be available in 10 languages, cover wage and tipping regulations that employers are obligated to honor, including rules against making new manicurists pay for training and keeping employees from wearing gloves and masks to protect them from the chemicals found in nail products. 

The state will also hand out cards for customers in order to help them judge if the salon they are patronizing is treating its workers fairly. A checklist, which includes checking for the salon business license and posting of the new bill of rights in plain view, will be distributed to consumers. Gov. Cuomo is hoping to get the customers involved, encouraging people who notice violations to “walk out the door, go down the block, patronize another business.”

It seems like a small step, but it is an important one. By promoting awareness to both manicurists and patrons, hopefully the abuses that have occurred for so long in the industry will end once and for all. It is great to see that New York is being diligent in correcting these injustices.

[via NYT]

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Kim Kardashian Is Hosting a Makeup Master Class with Mario Dedivanovic and Tickets Are $1000

Kim Kardashian took to Instagram today to let her 34.4 million followers know that they can learn the art of contouring from her very own makeup artist— for a price tag of $999.99. The kontouring queen will be hosting a makeup master class with her longtime makeup guy Mario Dedivanovic in Pasadena on July 25th. Details on MarioandKim.com — the source for all things related to the master class including recommended hotels in the area— note that attendees will learn “coveted beauty secrets” from both Kim and Mario as well as “business insights” and what makes a lasting relationship between makeup artist and a client. This might come as no surprise to followers of Dedivanovic, since he hosted a class back in January, where Kim made a surprise appearance.

Technically, tickets for the 4-hour master class start at $499.99 for General Admission tickets aka nose bleeds with no added incentives. The $1k Platinum ticket will get you “close seats to the stage,” as per the site, at The Pasadena Civic Auditorium, in addition to a gift bag filled with beauty swag valued at over $1000 and a photo with Kim K herself and her makeup guru. So you’re basically getting a bargain, no? Fret not, nose bleed ticket holders, because “there will be a large screen projector, so everyone in the venue will be able to see close up and live.” Phew. We’ll maybe wait for the Youtube video.

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Beauty News Roundup: ‘Mini Bun’ Drama, CVS Rebrands to Appeal to Latin Market and More


Images: Imaxtree

The beauty news stories that made headlines this week.

‘Mini Bun’ Drama on the Internet 
A recently published hair tutorial inspired by the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 show had the Internet up in arms. Beauty blog Mane Addicts called the Bantu knots “twisted mini-buns” and touted the popular style worn by women of color as a “new” trend. The folks on Twitter dropped some knowledge and had a lot to say about it. [TFS]

CVS Rebrands Florida Stores to Appeal to the Hispanic Market 
CVS pharmacy shoppers in Florida, beginning with Miami, will soon be able to purchase their favorite Agustin Reyes cologne and have a shot of cafecito. After acquiring Miami-based Navarro Discount Pharmacy (and its 33 locations) last year, CVS is keeping Navarro’s Latin customers around with the opening of CVS Pharmacy y más, which boasts an expansive fragrance counter and a bilingual staff. [WWD]

Sephora’s Beauty Video Strategy Is Paying Off
Sephora is capitalizing on its popular beauty tutorials by successfully testing out YouTube’s new shoppable ads. The loyal following of the beauty retailer seems to be having a positive reaction to the click-to-buy banners and with 300,000 subscribers, things are moving in the right direction for the San Francisco-based company. [DigiDay]

Chanel to Open a Spa at the Ritz
While the famous Coco Chanel suite at the Ritz in Paris is getting a renovation, a Chanel spa will be added to the project. The French fashion house tells WWD that “Chanel au Ritz Paris” will open at the end of the year. [WWD]

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Ashley Graham Rejects the ‘Plus Size’ Label in Latest TED Talk

Ashley Graham has been having a banner year, appearing in Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit issue in an ad for Swimsuitsforall, making her one of the first plus sized models to grace the issue’s hallowed pages. She appeared in Lane Bryant’s groundbreaking #ImNoAngel lingerie campaign for Cacique, a spot which definitely caused a stir and gave the beauty of plus bodies more visibility. But Graham is not done spreading her message of loving your body.

The model appeared in front of an audience 450 strong in Valencia, Spain to speak for the TEDxBerkleeValencia series. In the talk, Graham discussed her early struggles as a young model with her body and how she came to accept her figure for what it is. She recalls a period in time when she hit rock bottom. “Between the parties, the men, the alcohol – I was looking for self-love, affirmation from somebody when in reality, I didn’t love who I was and I couldn’t seem to get a handle on regulating my own weight.” She says the change in her outlook of self-worth and validation came when she thought of her mother, who always told Graham she was beautiful. “In my lowest moment of insecurity, this is when I realized I had to reclaim my body and its image as my own.” Graham is not a fan of the term “plus size,” and encourages women to call “ourselves what we want to be called: Women with shapes that are our own.”

Graham said that once she began to fully accept and embrace her body shape, she realized that she must bring the message of self-love to inspire other women. She also encouraged men to help in the charge in pushing body positivity forward. “I felt free once I realized I was never going to fit the narrow mold that society wanted me to fit in,” she said. “I was never going to be perfect enough for an industry that defines perfection from the outside in.” 

Graham notes that the plus size fashion is an $18 billion dollar industry, which is why it’s so important for us to turn the tide and to start thinking of what we call “plus” bodies as normal. After all, the average dress size for women in America is a size 14. It does not get more normal than that. “The fashion industry may persist to label me as plus size,” Graham says, “but I like to think of it as my size.”

Watch Graham’s speech in the video above. 

[via Ted Talks YouTube]

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Joan Smalls Looks ‘Dull’ on Porter’s Summer Escape Issue (Forum Buzz)

You should look no further than our forums for exclusive previews and earlier this week, Porter‘s Summer Escape 2015 cover dropped thanks to a savvy member. Now that the official images have been unveiled, we can take a closer look. Porter tapped Joan Smalls as its newest cover girl, joining the likes of Christy Turlington Burns and Lara Stone. Captured by Ryan McGinley, the Puerto Rican beauty donned an Eres swimsuit worn underneath a Burberry coat and we’re unfortunately left a little underwhelmed by the outcome.

Porter #9 Summer Escape 2015 Joan Smalls by Ryan McGinley

IMAGE: http://ift.tt/1J8Xv6U

“It’s almost as if Porter has been reading all those lack of diversity comments on here and bam! A Joan cover,” hailed A.D.C. the moment the cover surfaced, hitting us off on a positive note.

“Right? Finally. Some diversity on their cover,” replied nataliaapple in agreement.

Yet the conversation soon targeted Joan’s modeling abilities. “This girl can’t model anymore…” KissMiss sniggered.

“She doesn’t look happy to be there,” acknowledged tigerrouge.

Forum member congacon wasn’t feeling it either and informed us, “My problem with Joan is that her facial expressions are dull most of the time. The girl just doesn’t get ‘it.'”

Miss Dalloway soon fired back. “I don’t understand these arguments about her not looking happy! How many high-fashion magazine covers have subjects grinning anyway? Her face expression is perfect for the setting/styling she is in IMO. She looks fantastic, and is selling me the right mood of the cover,” she enthused.

“I love it! The white and green work perfectly. I’m definitely going to buy this one,” Oxymore announced.

Has Porter done enough for you to make a purchase? Voice your opinion with us here.

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Soo Joo Park’s Top 5 Summer Wardrobe Staples

Soo Joo can't help but break the mold. She redefines every notion of the typical, modern-day supermodel in her refusal to be typecast. She's used her photogenic personality, social media following, sartorial street style and demographic-straddling appeal to become nothing short of a budding icon. Soo Joo has worked with such industry heavyweights as Carine Roitfeld, Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford and appeared in magazines including Vogue Korea, Harper's Bazaar and V.

Born in Seoul, South Korea, she's a self-proclaimed 'archi-nerd' having studied architecture at the University of California at Berkeley. In high demand, Soo Joo is now based in New York and represented by Wilhelmina Models.

| The one thing I splurge on is good cocktails and spa treatments.

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Emilia Clarke’s Cover for UK Marie Claire Is Her Best Yet (Forum Buzz)

We’ve had our fair share of Emilia Clarke over the past couple of months, with the actress appearing on British Vogue‘s May issue and the June/July edition of Harper’s Bazaar. Now, the Game of Thrones star covers U.K. Marie Claire‘s July issue photographed by David Roemer. The 28-year-old keeps her natural hair color for the shoot and sports a dramatic makeup look which takes center stage.

UK Marie Claire July 2015 Emilia Clarke by David Roemer

IMAGE: http://ift.tt/1LRJMyY

Forum members feel the image is better suited to another publication. “Looks more like Allure,Oxymore noted immediately.

“Too dark for July, and yes, it looks like an Allure cover,” responded fluxxx.

Allure, is that you? Well this cover had the style for that magazine,” burbuja8910 agreed.

Discussion soon took a turn for the better. “Allure, especially the American edition, can only wish! This cover, and the January Jones one is actually proof that British MC can produce decent content. This is without a doubt Emilia’s [best] to date, much better than Vogue. Love the dramatic make up,” raved Benn98.

Nepenthes shared the same sentiments, enthusing, “This has to be her best cover so far!”

Also full of admiration was kokobombon: “One of her best covers IMO. Magazines rarely do her beauty justice.”

“She’s a beauty, yet with her natural hair color, I often find her nondescript. But this makes her look dramatic, and it’s certainly a lot better than her U.K. Vogue cover,” tigerrogue shared soon after.

Take a peek at Emilia’s accompanying cover story and drop us a comment here.

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There’s a Big Sale Going on at the Soon-Closing Band of Outsiders Store

Things are really not looking great for Band of Outsiders. The contemporary label has been rumored to be in the process of shutting down, and it looks like they are going full steam ahead. According to WWD, the New York-based brand will be closing its SoHo boutique at the end of June.

The Band of Outsiders Instagram page shows an image of a sign assuring customers that the store is still open as of now and that they are selling their wares at discount prices, which is sometimes a telltale sign that a brand might be in trouble or trying to get as rid of as much merchandise as possible before officially shuttering. Staff members at the label’s 70 Wooster St. store say that most of the items are for sale at up to 40 percent off and even more price reductions are expected as the store’s closing date nears. They mention that the sale was already planned before the news broke, so perhaps the closing process has been going on for longer than we thought. 

‘Tis possibly the only upside to a beloved label shutting down – getting discount designer duds. Band of Outsiders founder Scott Sternberg still will not comment or confirm whether the brand will be shuttering completely.

[via WWD]

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The True Cost Takes a Hard Look on the Human and Environmental Price of Fashion

There’s a lot of talk within the fashion industry about how the business can be made more sustainable. Fast and luxury fashion are the source of so much pollution and a hotbed of human and worker’s rights violations for many of the people who actually craft the garments. It’s easy to see that the way we make clothes these days is not only hurting our environment, but is also fracturing our societies. True Cost, a film directed by Andrew Morgan, explores this dark side of the fashion industry, the garment workers who suffer and the dire damage mass producing clothing is doing to the environment. 

In the film, the fashion industry is noted as the second most polluting in the world after the oil business, a statistic Morgan later credited to the Danish Fashion Institute and World Wide Fund for Nature. Morgan, who raised $76,456 through a Kickstarter to put the film together, traveled to 13 countries to research and capture just how harmful and unsustainable the industry really is. The film is widely said to be one that will really make you rethink picking up that $10 H&M skater dress. That a near $3 trillion dollar industry can’t “afford” to make sure some of the people most instrumental to keeping it afloat have even basic rights in their workplaces or livable wages is certainly enough to get audiences to at least be more thoughtful when they shop. The film is filled with eye-popping statistics, like one that claims that 2014, the year after that devastating Rana Plaza building collapse, the fast fashion industry amassed sales of $72 billion dollars, making it its most profitable year. 

The film paints a bleak picture of the industry, but the good news is some high and low fashion retailers have begun to address some of the inherent problems in mass producing clothing. H&M has been quite transparent about the impact its clothing has on the environment, publishing sustainability reports every year, complete with their goals for leaving less of a footprint. Kering just released a report on its environmental impact, which found that the majority of their footprint comes in the production phase.

The True Cost definitely shows the bleaker side of fashion but hopefully, jarring films like this will help keep the public informed about the changes that desperately need to be made, and hopefully will help bring us closer to actually improving the impact fashion has on the environment and helping workers. 

The True Cost hits theaters and iTunes today. Watch the trailer above.

[via NYT, LAT]

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5 Easy Summer Braids for Super Curly Hair

The best philosophy when it comes to summer hair is to keep it heat-free and this is especially true if you have curly hair. This means you should air dry and avoid hot tools as much as possible. Curly hair is prone to dryness so when you’re not indulging your tresses in a rich, moisturizing treatment, braids are a foolproof way of styling hair — and luckily, they don’t require much time, skill, or anything more than a hair tie or a few bobby pins. Here, we’re highlighting 5 easy, breezy, gorgeous summer braids to try if you have curly hair.

Half-Up Braid Crown

Show off your highlights and healthy curls by twisting hair into mini braids in a surprisingly quick — two minutes to be exact — and effortless half-up style. Don’t believe us? Check out the how-to on Hair Romance’s YouTube page.

Overlapping Braids

Embrace bouncy ringlets and wear them down and au naturel by simply creating a headband out of tiny, overlapping braids. This is hands down the easiest style to create (hint: no cornrowing skills are necessary) and the result is beautiful. Leave it to our friends at Buzzfeed to nail a braid hack.

Half-Up Side Braid

For curls that are on the large side or if you’re were blessed with lots of luscious locks, a half-up style is a no-fuss way to keep hair pulled back without going for a full-on ponytail (which can fall flat mid-day). The thick braid along the hairline completes the style effortlessly for a fun summer look. Get the step-by-step break down at Loxa Beauty.

Braided Updo

If your weaving technique is advanced, then this intricate updo is for you. The fun twisted crown-slash-updo makes for a gorgeous weekend look and is also ideal if you’re hitting the beach and want to condition strands while you’re at it with one of these leave-in treatments. Get the full tutorial on Hair Romance.

Crown Braid

This understated crown style is perfect for curls that are in transition or if you’re looking for an office-appropriate style that will hold curls neatly back. 

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Yet Another Gisele Bündchen Reprint Appears on an International Vogue Cover (Forum Buzz)

Reprints with Gisele Bündchen are all the rage. Vogue Portugal reused a shoot for its June cover from Vogue China and now Vogue Thailand steals an image originally featured in British Vogue‘s March issue. Mario Testino, a longtime collaborator with Gisele, captured the Brazilian bombshell and current face of Chanel in her element, sporting a cotton jacket and shorts by Ralph Lauren Collection teamed with a pair of bikini bottoms from Heidi Klum Intimates. According to our forum members, however, this simply isn’t enough.

It appears that reprints are starting to fall out of favor with readers. “Their first reprint, right? Not a great image as cover. The styling looks messy here. Vogue Portugal did reprint better than this,” discredited fluxxx right away.

“Too much brown, I don’t even see the masthead,” Oxymore complained.

Also unimpressed was niknak: “I feel like it’s 2000 again with all these cover reprints Gisele is getting.”

Gazebo wasn’t feeling the cover either. “Gisele is everything but I really don’t dig this,” he disapproved.

“I have to be honest, I have mixed feelings about this cover, mostly because of the styling. I mean, it’s the cover of Vogue, so it has to be classy, timeless and super fashionable. So to see Gisele with such an overly-sexy styling on the cover, it’s a bit strange. It’s like this cover is intended for Cosmopolitan readers somehow,” Bertrando3 added.

Want to add your own two cents? Join the conversation here.

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They’re Back! 19 Gorgeous Gladiator Sandals for Summer

There’s no other shoe in history that has roots as deep or varied as gladiator sandals. The neoclassical shoes, marked by a flat sole and leather lace-ups, first emerged in Greco-Roman times as the footwear of choice for Roman gladiators and plebeians in need of comfort, flexibility, durability and support. They were often commissioned by the town artist and even buried with their owner.

Valentino, Alexander McQueen, Chloe Spring 2015

Valentino, Alexander McQueen, Chloe Spring 2015; Images: Imaxtree

Gladiators didn’t reemerge until the 60s when hemlines were high and skin was in. The mod squad, the hippies and even the bombshells were sporting a pair. (Remember Raquel Welch in her iconic 1966 fantasy film One Million Years B.C.?) The strappy sandals continued their reign into the 70s, survived the 80s and popped back up in the 90s when Gianni Versace released his Spring 1993 S&M-inspired collection. Since then, they’ve teetered in and out of favor with the sartorial set. Most recently, designers like Chloe, Valentino and Alexander McQueen resurrected the statement-making shoes for Spring 2015 with bold designs worn with minis, maxis and even high-waisted trousers. Think of them as an airy alternative to your espadrilles.

Want to try the trend? Click on the gallery below for the 19 best gladiator sandals to wear this summer. 

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Lady Gaga’s Dog Is Working on a Clothing Line

While human designers struggle to keep their labels afloat, privileged canines of the rich and famous launch fashion ventures like it’s nothing. Case in point: Lady Gaga’s dog Asia. The pop singer inundated her Instagram followers with adorable pictures of her Frenchie, who will be launching a new range of stylish wares for dogs. “I get hooked up with the finest in puppy products, so I really have a knack for what’s quality,” the caption reads on an image of Asia sitting in front of a table full of sketches. “My vision is to find creative & functional ways for pets and their owners to bond!”

But that doesn’t seem to be all that’s on the pup’s plate. The other aww-worthy Instagram posts reveal that Asia will be making Choupette Lagerfeld-style moves by modeling for a “major luxury fashion brand.” She also hinted at an organic, local grain-free line of dog food, since every dog deserves to eat as well as Gaga’s. 

No word yet on when Asia’s puppy products are set to hit stores, but judging from the photos Gaga posted, that dog is living maybe just a little more fabulously than we are.

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How to Rock a Bright, Bold Lip This Summer


Image: Imaxtree

‘Tis the season for bright manis and equally vibrant lip colors. The best way to accentuate a gorgeous summer tan is with a bold lipstick or gloss. Whether you’re into a blazing red or a pop of iridescent pink, a bright hue is a foolproof way to elevate your makeup look. But in order to keep your lippie of choice from flatlining and fading, follow these tips for a flawless application.

  • Prep. Getting your pout in check before applying color is always important, but this step is crucial for longevity and luminosity of your lipstick of choice. Exfoliate using a gentle formula made for lips and follow it up with a nourishing lip balm.
  • Line. Many of the pros recommend lining lips with a color that matches your natural lip color, not your lipstick. This is because the liner should act as a template, plus the lighter base will ensure that your shade will stand out even more.
  • Apply. To get the best result in terms of radiance from your hue, apply lipstick directly from the tube. By doing so, the rich pigment will cling on seamlessly. Make sure to blot with a tissue in between each coat so that the emollients are lifted and the pigment stays in place.
  • Set. Use a blotting sheet in between lips and gently press down to set your color. To clean up any mistakes, use a small makeup brush and loose setting powder to soften edges.
  • Balance. A bright lip is a statement in itself, so keep the rest of your makeup at a minimum to avoid looking overdone. If you’re into statement-making makeup, then play up lashes or contour cheekbones to show off your fearlessness.

Now that you have a guide for how to rock a bright and bold lip, here are five of our favorite colors to try this summer.

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You’ll Soon Be Seeing Less of David Gandy’s Perfect Abs

David Gandy

Image: WENN

Most of us can agree that the only thing David Gandy should ever wear is underwear, but it looks like the male model will soon be hanging up his tighty whities. Gandy revealed to Chatty Man‘s Alan Carr that his days of delighting us in nary but some tiny undergarments are numbered.

Gandy is at a point in his career where he already has a lot on his plate. He’s got his David Preston footwear label to focus on, as well as his Marks & Spencer line, acting gigs, and he’ll be launching his own line of dietary supplements and healthy snacks. It’s clear that Gandy has already entered the realm of burgeoning model mogul and though his face can sell pretty much anything, Gandy admitted that he his phasing himself out of advertising for his own underwear line. “I will slowly fade from modelling my own stuff,” he said. “I’ll be bringing in young British models to give them a chance like I had.”

We’ll be sad to see less of Gandy, but we’re willing to take the promise of him introducing us to a new range of hotties as consolation. Maybe he can pull from this crop of lookers for his next campaign.

In the meantime, please enjoy the video below.

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Demi Lovato Fronts a New Mental Health Initiative

Demi Lovato

Image: WENN

Demi Lovato is working to bring awareness about mental health issues to the masses. The singer is teaming with a group of mental health advocacy organizations for the Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health initiative, to spread the word, change the stigma against people with mental disorders and help expand treatment options for those who need it. Lovato herself is bipolar and recalls being relieved when she got her diagnosis. “I remember smiling and thinking great, OK, so there’s not anything wrong with me as a person,” she said. “It’s actually just a condition that I have and I can do something to fix it. I don’t have to be like this forever.”

To move the initiative along, Lovato shares the details of her experience living with bipolar disorder in order to help normalize the illness. “Living well with bipolar disorder is possible, but it takes patience, it takes work and it is an ongoing process. The reality is that you’re not a car that goes into a shop and gets fixed right away. Everyone’s process and treatment plan may be different.” Lovato also wants people to be more open in talking about mental health issues. “It’s not something that anyone should be ashamed of,” she said. “The more people talk about it, the more people can come out and get the help they need.” 

You can find out more about the project at the Be Vocal website.

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Sophie Monk Opens Up About Her Struggle with Fame and Bardot

When Sophie Monk became the resident blonde babe of five-piece pop group Bardot, many fans were blind to the struggles she went through as a young girl being thrust into the spotlight. These Days, excuse the reference, Sophie is opening up about how the experience affected her.

After becoming a celebrity overnight thanks to the 2000 TV series Popstars, Sophie told The Daily Telegraph she “wouldn’t be surprised” if she suffered from post traumatic stress disorder as a result. “It’s just not normal for everyone to know you all of the sudden,” she said.

And for anyone who lived and breathed the show, you’ll know just how hectic the Popstars craze was. “There was no other show like it, ever, it was before Australian Idol,” Sophie explained, mentioning that she thought it would be similar to an ABC doco. Not quite.

Sophie Monk fashion weekend Sydney

Photo: Getty

The success of the show and the girl group was overwhelming for her. “It was so crazy, people used to pull my hair out,” Sophie revealed. “I remember being in Singapore and they had to shut the escalators and give us police escorts, it was a bit like Michael Jackson.”

Perhaps the most poisonous info to come out of Sophie’s mouth, though, was that she hasn’t spoken to her former band members, Katie Underwood, Belinda Chapple, Sally Polihronas and Tiffani Wood, since the band broke up way back in 2002.

“It was worse than high school because the girls were smarter. They were a bit older then me too,” she said of working with her band members. “I’m sure they were messing around, but I was so innocent back then. I don’t speak to the girls anymore, it’s like school, we grew apart.”

Our pre-pubescent self is clutching our fuschia-pink copy of Poison and hoping for a TV reunion special, A.S.A.P.

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Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour Wristbands Are Saving Lives

Photo: WENN

Photo: WENN

Taylor Swift has put away two major victories over the last fortnight. A) she got her very own lego portrait at LEGOLAND and b) broke the internet with her epic Bad Blood video. Oh, she saved a couple of lives too. NBD.

WBRZ2 reports that Swifty fan Elizabeth Dazzio was driving her sister, Caroline, and a friend home from Tay’s 1989 show last Friday at Louisiana’s Baton Rouge when she fell asleep at the wheel. The car veered of the highway and crashed as a result, leaving Elizabeth unconscious and the other two girls trapped.

“You could smell the gas and smoke,” Caroline told WBRZ. “I was just thinking we need to get out of this car.” Two of the girls’ phones were dead while the other couldn’t be found, and, with cars passing and not stopping, they were running out of options.

The girls say they then used their light-up armbands from Taylor’s show, which had been programmed and synced to the beat of the music, as emergency flares to get the attention of people passing by.

A woman stopped and told the girls she saw the lights and knew someone was in trouble. “She could tell that there was someone in the car,” Caroline said. A woman and man who were with her helped pull the girls out of the wreckage and called for help.

Elizabeth is expected to be released from hospital soon, and Taylor is overjoyed with the news of her lifesaving accessory. “This is unreal. I’m so happy they’re OK,” Taylor wrote to Twitter.

She’s a chart-topper, boyfriend-getter, BFF-lover, and, now, a lifesaver. We’d like forensics to check if she’s human, please.

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You Wont Find Montana Cox in a Gym Without Some Male Eye Candy

2015 Women Of Style Awards Red-Carpet Gala

Ever wondered how Montana Cox manages to stay in such amazing shape? Well, the Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 7 winner has attractive men to thank for that, saying we won’t find her in a gym unless there are some hotties involved.

“I can only go into a gym if there are, like, some good-looking boys or something,” Montana told Sydney Confidential. “Then maybe I can deal with it.”

“I cannot go into a gym and just run around on a treadmill because I have a really short attention span. I get very bored very quickly. Gyms are not for me,” she continued. We can relate, haven’t we all felt this way at some point? 

To keep her workouts fresh and challenging, Montana opts for outdoor fitness sessions as opposed to sweating it out in the confines of a gym. “I do try and train as much as I can, usually three times a week. I like to go for walks, get outside and go for a swim. I like to mix it up a bit,” she explained. 

This girl really has her work-out routine covered, sweaty men and all. Seriously, though, we salute her and all the unsung hero hotties that continue to cure our boredom in gyms everywhere.

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ANTM’s Tanahya Cohen Has Gone Back to Housekeeping After Elimination from Show

Tahnaya Cohen

Photo courtesy of ANTM

Tanahya Cohen‘s housekeeping job might’ve been the driving force behind her eagerness on Australia’s Next Top Model, but, following her elimination last night, the 19-year-old has revealed that she’s gone back to the occupation she so badly wanted to leave behind.

“I have gone back to my old job of housekeeping. I’m just trying to earn more cash to start my career,” she explained to Confidential, noting that she would like to make the move from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast to Melbourne. “There’s nothing up here [Queensland] for me. There’s not many big companies I want to work with.”

Photos: FOX 8

Photos: FOX 8

It’s an interesting move considering she slammed the job during the show. On the second episode of the series, Tanahya broke down in front of the cameras during a shoot which asked her to portray “ambition”. She said, “I am a housekeeper. I don’t like it and it is not what I want to do in my life. I want to be a model.”

Dressed in a beautiful gold dress, Tanahya was placed in a familiar setting including a clothes line and a washing basket, which was a bit of tear-jerker for her. “It did remind me of my old life,” she said on the episode. “I don’t want to be the person that I am, the old person I should say, before I came here.”

While her photo impressed Kelly Osbourne, who thought the shot was Vogue-appropriate, judge Alex Perry wasn’t completely sold. “She looks like she’s beaten by the drudgery,” he said. “The clock’s going to click 12 in a minute and she’s going back to normal.”

If midnight is code for elimination, then Alex was quite the fortune teller. But, for Tanahya, this isn’t one step forward and two steps backwards like it may look, and she’s still got her sights set on a modelling career. She told Confidential, “There’s so many things that led to that emotional breakdown I had. It wasn’t really about my work.”

[Via Confidential]

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Warehouse Launches Women to Watch Campaign

Leaving university and trying to get your foot through the door in any industry is difficult these days and wouldn’t it be great if when your career finally takes off there was someone to guide you through? British fashion retailer Warehouse is doing just that and answering the prayers of several rising female stars across the fashion, film, set design, photography, music and digital fields by matching them with highly successful mentors.

Not only is Warehouse offering invaluable advice to young people during the early stages of their careers, but it’s particularly great to see that the campaign has a female slant. Women in the workplace are still greatly outnumbered by men, especially in the highest positions, so every campaign that encourages young women to achieve their dreams is a positive.

The lineup of mentors in Warehouse’s Women to Watch campaign includes broadcaster Edith Bowman, who’s mentoring MTV presenter Lilah Parsons, and Sarah Drinkwater, head of Google Campus London, who’s dishing out a tip or two to Chloé Watts from the tech solutions blog chloédigital.

You can follow their journeys throughout the summer, but for now, Grazia has teamed up with everybody involved to provide us with some inspirational career advice via a series of short interviews that can be viewed here. In one video, Parsons dishes out our favourite career mantra: “Always remember that there’s probably someone else at your level who’s working harder than you are.”

So when you’re about to take your fourth coffee break of the day, remember that there’s somebody hot on your heels who isn’t slacking off!

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Kylie Jenner Is Not Pregnant, Thank You Very Much

There have been a lot of rumors going around about Kylie Jenner — about her lips, who she’s dating, who she’s beefing with… But Jenner is putting down one rumor that has been plaguing her for quite a while: that she’s pregnant.

The 17-year-old reality TV star took to Twitter to vent and also gripe about that particular rumor. As Jenner is still a teenager and legally a child, it would definitely be more than a bit troubling if she was actually pregnant. Though we’re sure Kris Jenner would spin such an incident into a Kardashian-Jenner version of Teen Mom, the thought of a pregnant Kylie Jenner is just not one we’d really like to take on right now.

Jenner cleared the air on Twitter, mentioning that the rumor has been going on so long, she would be almost ready to give birth by now if it were actually true. 

So, there you have it, guys. Kylie Jenner is NOT pregnant – and now you can enjoy the rest of your day without stressing over the status of a 17-year-old’s uterus.

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How to Accurately Measure Your Bra Size

woman putting on bra

image: Getty

Wearing the right bra can have a transformative effect on you and your body. It can make you feel confident and sexy. It can support you, hide your flaws, enhance your assets and more.

But for a majority of us, whether we’re large-breasted, small-breasted or somewhere in between, finding the right bra can be frustrating. And according to the US National Library of Medicine, about 80 percent of us are wearing the incorrect bra size. Seventy percent of us wear bras that are too small, while the other 10 percent wear bras that are too large. Our bras pinch us, gap at the cups or the underwire cuts underneath our breasts, which makes for an uncomfortable and unattractive fit. 

 Benefits of Wearing the Correct Bra Size

  • Gives you the appearance of perkier breasts.
  • Helps fight premature aging. No droopy, saggy breasts for you!
  • Makes you look slimmer.
  • Corrects bad posture and helps you stand up taller and straighter.
  • Clothes will look better, feel better and hang better on your body.

But how do you find the bra size that is right for you in the first place? To find your ideal bra size, there are two main things to consider: band size (such as 32, 34, 36, etc.) and cup size (A, B, C, etc.).

how to measure your bra size

Band size:

While braless or wearing a non-padded bra, take a measuring tape and measure snugly around your torso, directly under your bust at your rib cage. Make sure the measuring tape is straight and level, and lays flat across your back. When noting the measurement, round to the nearest whole inch. If the rounded number is an even number, add four inches. If the rounded measurement is an odd number, add five inches. (For example, 32 plus 4 equals 36 inches or 29 plus 5 equals 34 inches.) This final calculated sum is your band size.

Band sizes come in even numbers 32, 34, 36, etc., but if you feel that you are between two sizes after calculating your band, let’s say a 33, you should try on both a 32 and 34. Depending on the brand, one size should fit better than the other. Or, for the most perfect custom fit, you can just buy the bigger band size and have a tailor take in the band for you as a relatively inexpensive fix.

Cup size:

Standing with your arms at your side, measure around your body at the fullest part of your bust (usually around your nipples). Round this number to the nearest whole inch. This is your bust measurement. Next, subtract your band measurement from the bust measurement and that difference is your cup size. If the difference is 0, then you are an AA. If it’s between 0.5-1 inch, then you are an A. If it’s 2 inches, then you are a B, 3 inches is a C, 4 inches is a D, 5 inches is a DD or E, 6 inches equals a DDD or F, 7 inches is a G, 8 inches is H, 9 inches is I and 10 inches translates to a J. 

For example, 36 inches (bust measurement) minus 34 inches (band measurement) equals 2 inches or a B cup.

But because of variations in sizing among different brands and different bra shapes and styles, Rebecca Apsan, owner of the Manhattan lingerie boutique La Petite Coquette, founder of The Little Flirt and co-author of The Lingerie Handbook and Lessons in Lingerie: Finding Your Perfect Shade of Seduction, believes that the best way to determine the best size for you is by trial and error. She suggests that you go to a trusted lingerie shop and with the guidance of the bra expert, just try on several different sizes and styles from different brands to find the correct size and shape for you. Because even if you fit a 34B perfectly in one brand, you may find that you are actually a 34C in another brand. Or perhaps you find that a 34B demi cup will fit perfectly, but a 34B full-coverage bra will be too big.

When buying the right bra, Apsan believes you should consider fit (does it fit properly and is it right for my body shape and lifestyle?), shape (does it enhance my assets and make me look good?) and feel (how does it feel against my body and how does it make me feel while I’m wearing it?).

Nailing the Bra Fit

  • While trying on a bra, to ensure that your assets are completely encased in the cups, lean forward slightly at the waist, then slip on the bra and hook it.
  • The bra should fit perfectly when secured on the outermost hook.
  • To ensure that your bra lifts your breasts at the right height and gives your assets the necessary support, your nipples should sit midpoint between your shoulders and elbows.
  • If there are rolls of flesh around the sides of your bra, then the band is too tight. The band should be snug, but not so tight that you can’t fit a finger underneath.
  • If you find that you are always tugging and adjusting the band, then the band is too big and you need to go down a band size.
  • If your breasts spill out of your bra, then the bra cups are too small or the bra band is too big.
  • If the cups look wrinkly or are too loose, then the cups are too big and you should go down a cup size.
  • If your bra has an underwire, the underwire should arc around the breasts; if the wire pokes into them, then you need a larger cup size.
  • And generally, the wire should lay flat against you; if it rests on top of the breasts, then go up a cup size.

All in all, the perfect-fitting bra should be snug, but not too snug, the front and back of the band should lay flat against your body and be even and parallel to the ground and it should fit firmly around the back for proper support.

And once you have a bra that fits you well, get refit every few years or whenever necessary. “The average woman will wear several different bra sizes throughout her life,” says Apsan. “As your body changes, so does your bra size. You may have lost some weight. You may have gained some weight. You may have had a baby or are breastfeeding. Or you’ve just simply gotten older and your breasts have fallen or have simply expanded.”

Just remember, the right bra can change your life. 

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8 Unique Ways to Organize Your Beauty Products

If you’re at the point where you are struggling to find your hairbrush or mascara in the confines of your own home, then it’s probably time to organize your beauty arsenal. The tFS team recently shared a pretty rad mason jar DIY, but we know your storage needs go beyond makeup brushes and mascaras. We turned to Pinterest for a little inspiration for unique ways to organize everything from nail polish to hair dryers. Here, eight creative and super easy ways to organize beauty products like a pro.

1. This is one of the coolest IKEA hacks we’ve seen in a long time and it’s probably because it involves an easy DIY to tidy up all sorts of beauty essentials, from a flat iron to makeup brushes.

2. Speaking of easy, this foolproof way to store lipsticks and lip glosses is genius. Not only will all of your lippies be in one spot, but when the label is facing up, it will be so much easier to find your favorite shade in a snap.

3. If your beauty arsenal borders on hoarder territory, then it may be time to pull out the big guns; shelving. Wall-mounted shelves are ideal for making use of a misplaced nook in your home — or if you just simply have too many products to stash under the sink.

4. It doesn’t get much simpler than hitting The Container Store for a spice rack and showcasing all of your pretty perfume bottles to keep them organized.

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i-D Magazine Unveils 18 Different Covers for 35th Anniversary Issue (Forum Buzz)

i-D Magazine gives us our daily dose of models with the release of its Summer 2015 issue. In true celebratory style, the British biannual title tapped a handful of beauties for its landmark 35th birthday issue — and it doesn’t seem that anyone was left out. Daria Werbowy, Lara Stone, Kate Moss, Grace Hartzel, Rianne van Rompaey, Jourdan Dunn, Malgosia Bela, Adrienne Jüliger, Edie Campbell, Jean Campbell, Natalie Westling, Stella Tennant, Freja Beha Erichsen, Anna Ewers, Karly Loyce, Greta Varlese, Tyler Littlejohns and Damaris Goddrie are each handed a solo cover, captured by Alasdair McLellan.

With cover girls like these, i-D was sure to catch our attention. “Ooh Freja!! Her and Jourdan’s smiles are so infectious! These shots are great, almost classic! Lara seems to be looking younger and younger nowadays,” complemented Benn98.

“Freja looks so fantastic! That smile,” added JoCaderone.

“Freja’s cover is perfect! She looks so fresh, youthful and beautiful!” agreed yesitsdagny.

Cosmic Voices shared, “So many covers! Rianne’s slays so hard. Freja, Adrienne and Natalie’s are also my favorite.”

Also showing support was Valentine27: “Honestly all of these covers are amazing! It’s hard to pick one!”

Understandably, however, not everyone was so impressed. “This magazine and winking cover concept got old a long a$$ time ago, and having 3463454 boring covers for one season sure doesn’t help matters,” complained HeatherAnne.

“So so sick of multi-covers,” agreed gazebo.

“Seeing the wink repeated in such a simple way over so many covers makes it looks like they’ve all got something wrong with them. Kate looks like she’s suddenly realized she’s forgotten to lock the car,” noted tigerrogue, throwing us into hysterics.

View all of the covers and tell us which is your favorite here.

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Best YouTube Beauty Vloggers to Bookmark Right Now

In order to perfect our nail art or eyeshadow, we sometimes turn to YouTube’s best beauty vloggers. There’s always our go-to channels of early adopters of the video sharing site like Lisa Eldridge, Zoella and Michelle Phan, but there are some lesser-known beauty gurus that are just as talented at delivering tutorials for every kind of makeup need.

YouTube has revolutionized beauty by offering users countless hair, makeup and nail how-tos and also helped catapult the careers of some influencers to superstar levels. Advertising Age recently ranked the top style and beauty vloggers based on their monthly earnings and each one of them is making at least $14,000 a month (that’s after YouTube gets its cut, too). Beauty vlogger Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, is getting a wax figure, Eldridge recently inked a deal with Lancôme and Phan has her own makeup line on top of practically being the face of YouTube beauty stars. These ladies mean business when it comes to beauty — in every sense of the word — and we’re all for it.

It’s also no wonder these successful vloggers are killing it, once you check out a video you’ll be so fascinated that you’ll soon watch another two or five. Before you know it, you’re subscribed to a channel and following them on social media. The “real girl” aspect of vloggers is what makes watching these videos so enjoyable. These experts — with quite the loyal following — give viewers useful insight as they apply a product or use a hair tool, which makes their advice really authentic and a pleasure to watch.

Here, nine of our favorite YouTube beauty vloggers to bookmark right now for all of your primping needs.

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George Clooney on Choosing to Age Gracefully

George Clooney

Image: WENN

OK, so not every guy can age as flawlessly as George Clooney, but according to the silver fox himself, it’s better to just let Father Time do his thing. And considering the alternatives, we think he’s right. Clooney chatted about aging in Hollywood as a male actor and for him, it’s just about looking the best you can at your age instead of fighting life’s natural progression. 

“You have a couple of options – which is get older or die,” he told BBC Radio host Jenni Murray. “And so you have to get used to the idea that your roles in films and who you are and how you’re perceived is going to change. That will disappoint people at times.” As for his gorgeous gray locks, Clooney (thankfully) has no intention of dying them. “I’ve seen it happen – particularly on men – I don’t think it really works, I think it actually makes you look older. I’m a big believer in the idea that you can’t try to look younger. You just have to look the best you can at the age you are.”

Clearly, Clooney is rocking his 54 years quite nicely. And we’re sure his wife Amal agrees.

[via Independent]

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Nick Wooster Joins At Large Magazine

Nick Wooster

Image: WENN

Nick Wooster just nabbed himself a new gig. The menswear style expert has signed on with At Large magazine to serve as the publication’s style editor. He will start by working with the triannual on its September issue and will be hitting the Menswear Fashion Week circuit for At Large this June. 

“I have always wanted to work in editorial, and it really is the last point in my career triangle,” Wooster said of this new appointment. “At Large has such a wonderful point-of-view in its art direction, feature stories and fashion editorial, it will be a pleasure to work with the team and add my talents and expertise.” 

Nick Wooster has a lot on his plate. He just launched a capsule collection with Lardini and headed all the way to China to promote it at Strasburgo boutiques in Shanghai and Beijing. Wooster’s position at At Large is effective immediately, so he is jumping right into the new role. Creative director Randall Mesdon is thrilled that Wooster is joining the team. “Nick is a menswear legend, with his style emulated around the world, and a long time friend,” he said in a press release. “Everyone at At Large could not be happier Nick is part of the team. His fashion business expertise and style personify the At Large reader, and I know our partnership will enhance an already outstanding publication.”

We can’t wait to see what Wooster brings to the magazine.

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How to Style Workout Clothes to Wear All Day Long

The growing popularity of athleisure wear has taught us all invaluable life lessons. For starters, we now know that designer sneakers are, in fact, the holy grail. But the après sport trend has also stirred up some controversy on its rise to the top. Are leggings really pants? We may never know. In the midst of all the hullabaloo, old school sartorial rules have been tossed out the window in favor of a more modern way of life. And by modern, we mean sweatpants in the office and jeans in the yoga studio. Confusing, right? Read on for some inspired ways to style your cute workout clothes, so you can go from barre to brunch without a hitch.


What would summer be without a round of tennis? After you’re done volleying, throw on a leather jacket, a pair of classic black sunglasses and a leopard clutch for a 90s-style outfit that’ll win every time.

Cute Workout Clothes

Clockwise: Topshop Ribbed Crop Cami, $10 at Topshop; River Island Black Leather Biker Jacket, $200 at River Island; Sarah Chloe Rocha Ring, $89 at Charm & Chain; Miu Miu Round Acetate Sunglasses, $390 at Neiman Marcus; Clare V. Foldover Clutch, $275 at Steven Alan; Tom Ford Lip Color in Bruised Plum, $50 at Nordstrom; Givenchy Le Vernis Intense Color Nail Lacquer in Pòurpre Défilé, $22 at Sephora; Adidas Originals Gazelle Shoes, $60 at Zappos; Lemon Tree Black High Waist Pleated Mini Skirt, $13.90 at Choies

Biking, Hiking or CrossFit

You don’t have to rely on polyester running shorts when you’re biking, hiking or getting prepped for your next CrossFit class. Try out a pair of Joe’s Jeans jogger shorts instead; they’re just as comfortable, but they’re made to look like denim cutoffs. That way, when you’re out and about you won’t have to take the time to change outfits. Just elevate your accessories slightly pre- or post-workout to bring the look together. A minimalist leather backpack and a colorful bracelet will do the trick.

Cute Workout Clothes

Clockwise: Marni Rope Wrap Bracelet, $200 at Net-a-Porter; Topshop Leather Backpack, $105 at Topshop; Adidas By Stella McCartney Run Performance Tank, $63 at Stella McCartney; Joe’s Jeans Off Duty Groove Jogger Short, $128 at Joe’s Jeans; Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Multi Use Blush Stain, $36 at Beauty.com; Nike Air Max Thea Joli Sneakers, $178 at mytheresa.com; Calvin Klein Underwear Sports Bra, $42 at Net-A-Porter


If you’re heading to yoga, consider swapping your basic leggings for James Jeans Twiggy Dancer leggings. They’re the closest thing to jeans, but they were designed specifically for yoga. After your workout, layer up on metallic accessories, a straw hat and a lightweight blazer.

Cute Workout Clothes

Clockwise: T By Alexander Wang Striped Tank, $108 at Stylebop; James Jeans Twiggy Dancer Yoga Leggings, $167 at James Jeans; Armani Collezioni Wide-Brimmed Straw Hat, $244.39 at Selfridges; Valentino Aviator Sunglasses with Rockstud Temples, $346 at Neiman Marcus; Rag & Bone Blazer, $446.25 at Farfetch; Ancient Greek Sandals, $200 at thecorner.com; skinnyskinny Grapefruit and Cardamom Organic Dry Shampoo, $32 at skinnyskinny; Tata Harper Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint, $35 at Tata Harper

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