Exclusive: Laura Wells Explains How Losing Weight Will Affect Her ‘Plus-Size’ Modelling Career

Laura Wells is called a “plus-size” model because she is four to six times larger than the industry standard, but she still worries about her weight just like any one else.

Just as models who are size 8 or under might feel pressure to stay below a certain weight to be considered “mainstream”, Laura explains that she can’t lose too much weight if she wants to continue being a “plus-size” model.

“Realistically if I lose too much weight I won’t be booked for jobs,” she tells theFashionSpot. “But then on the flip side if I put on too much weight I won’t be booked for jobs either,” she continues. “I might be booked for different jobs, but I won’t be booked for the jobs that I do now.”

Laura’s fiancé, fellow “plus-size” model Jesse McNeilly, also feels the pressure of staying at a certain size to remain suitable for “plus-size” campaigns, like the one he’s currently fronting for men’s retailer Johnny Bigg. “It’s been an issue before to maintain my body weight and size because I fluctuate,” Jesse explains.

“My fluctuations are quite quick in periods of time and I yo-yo diet because I enjoy it. I enjoy being healthy then I enjoy bingeing,” he continues. “We binge at Christmas, we binge at sporting events, we binge when we catch up with friends. We then go out and have one drink, we go out and have more drinks.”

Last week Laura announced on Facebook that she’s giving up chocolate, beer and bread “to raise money for the Great Barrier Reef and the Australian Youth Climate Coalition reef campaign”.

She wrote, “Obviously being a plus size model and being in Europe right now with all the tasty treats and beers, giving up these things is going to be tough so please do me a solid!”

With a change in her diet for the fundraising, it wouldn’t be surprising if her weight shifted and Laura was at risk of not being booked for particular work. But if there’s one thing we’ve always loved about Laura, it’s that she has her priorities in order.

“People contact me about problems with body image and I always ask them to find something they love that has no relation to their body,” she says. “For me I love being outside, I love being in the ocean and I really want to protect that, I feel really happy when I go and do something. “

“That for me makes me feel amazing about myself and it has nothing to do with my appearance. Love yourself and know that you don’t have to be anything but yourself.”

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