Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Is Heading Back to NYC for 2015

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Image: WENN

After all the hub-bub around the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in London, you would think the lingerie giant might be interested in a second staging of its annual event across the pond. But it seems that is not the case, at least not this year, now that Victoria’s Secret has announced that it’s coming back to New York City for 2015.

Victoria’s Secret is celebrating its 20th anniversary of the famous catwalk show this year, so it makes sense that the lingerie retailer might want to stick to its roots and hold the milestone event stateside. “New York City was the site of the first ever Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 1995, and holds a special place in our history and our hearts,” Victoria’s Secret CEO Sharen Jester Turney said. “For this year’s show, our twentieth, we’re returning to where it all began.”

Sorry, UK lingerie fans. Looks like Victoria’s Secret is going back to its roots for this one. Let the media madness begin.

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