Olympia Valance: “I’ve Never Owned My Body More than I Do Now”

Neighbours star and all-round bombshell Olympia Valance has stripped down to her unmentionables, leaving us feeling inspired, empowered and just a little jelly.

After being crowned Gossard Lingerie’s “Gossard Girl” late last year, Olympia has shared some behind-the-scenes shots from on-set with the British retail giant. Wearing almost nothing but per pride, the actress-turned-model reveals that she’s feeling pretty darn good about her bod. Rightfully so, we say.

The 22-year-old took to Instagram to let everyone in on her new-found confidence, saying she’s never owned her body more than she does right now. “You haven’t seen yourself at your most confident and beautiful until you’ve taken off your clothes and put on a set of incredibly beautiful lingerie,” she wrote.

She reveals it hasn’t always been easy to feel this way, but leaves us with an inspiring message about embracing your goods. “Transformed from someone who once disliked their curves into someone who embraces them and the body they’re given,” she said.

Like a good brand ambassador, Olympia credited Gossard Lingerie for her positivity. “Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their skin. I’ve never owned my body more than I do now and I have @gossarduk to thank for that.” 

Her healthy self-loving attitude can inspire us all. Especially while in revealing lingerie, when some of us would be feeling our most vulnerable.

 Preach, Olympia. Preach.

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