Apple Watch Is Failing…Again

Apple Watch can’t catch a break. On Tuesday, a software update was released to fix security problems on the wearable tech accessory and improve the sensor that tells you if you’re sitting or standing. But Apple ran into another problem. According to Business Insider, the update broke the heart rate tracker. Now, instead of measuring your heart rate every ten minutes and then averaging the data, the watch only takes irregular measurements.

Technical issues, from sensor snafus to tattoo malfunctions, is likely one of the underlying factors affecting Apple Watch sales. Slice Intelligence, a firm that tracks and projects U.S. consumer spending through e-commerce email receipts, claims orders have drastically fallen since the watch’s debut and continue to plateau. 

Slice’s data shows that Apple received almost one million pre-orders from Americans on Friday, April 10, the first day Apple began accepting orders for the watch. Since then, the orders decreased to an average of under 30,000 sales per day from April 11 to May 18. That means that almost half of the total 2.5 million watch orders placed in the U.S. were made on its inaugural debut. It’s still too early to foresee the future of the Apple Watch but if the last month has been any indication, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

[via Business Insider, Quartz]

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