Ruby Jean Wilson Goes Beyond Modelling Duties for Emerging Jewellery Label

Ruby Jean Wilson for AU REVOIR LES FILLES

Photo courtesy of AU REVOIR LES FILLES

Ruby Jean Wilson is one of Australia’s most in-demand models right now, but a designer has revealed that the beauty went beyond her modelling duties on a shoot last year.

The designer for emerging label Au Revoir Les Filles, Teresa Tiong, tells theFashionSpot that Ruby Jean actually helped her out with some marketing know-how while on-set for the brand’s debut collection shoot.

“I was just starting out my label, and was very new to social media, so she took charge of my phone and set up an Instagram account for ARLF!” Teresa explains.

“She was teaching me how to post and hashtag and who I should be following, and she grammed our first post, which was a behind-the-scenes shot of the campaign.”

In addition to Ruby Jean’s social media savviness, Teresa also explained that she was very popular with the team on-set that day. “Ruby’s really fun to work with, cracks jokes and is very easy-going,” Teresa tells us. “The crew loved her, she is so warm and down-to-earth!”

ARLF’s Autumn 2015 Killaflora collection is available online here.

Photos courtesy of Au Revoir Les Filles

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