11 Celebs with Flawless Hair Extensions

Extensions often get a bad rap. They have a rep for being the province of D-list movie stars, over-the-top rappers and tacky side gals. In other words, cheesy and fake-looking. But nothing can be further from the truth. When done correctly, extensions are tasteful and quite natural-looking. They are a great way to change your look and a source for immediate gratification that allows you to experiment with different hairstyles without the commitment. You can go from short to long or from dark to platinum, while minimizing the damage to your hair. Extensions can help amp up the volume on thin, limp hair or let you experiment with a thick, long pony or a fishtail braid. They can even allow you to change your hair texture.

There are several types of extensions. Extensions can be sewn in, bonded, braided or clipped in. “Bonded extensions are glued into the hair. They can be glued on the scalp as a temporary look or they can be bonded on individual strands so the hair can have more movement for a more natural, longer-lasting look. Both methods can be very damaging, so be very careful,” warns Amoy Pitters, a New York City hairstylist specializing in hair extensions. “The sewn-in method is a healthier option because your hair is braided and the hair is sewn on top of it.” Clip-in extensions are great for temporarily adding bangs, highlights, length or volume, but they require a deft hand in hiding the clips or combs, so that they aren’t visible.

Extensions are often used on photoshoots or backstage during the fashion collections for their versatility and quick-change options. In fact, most celebs and models often employ extensions as a measure to protect their own natural hair from the daily stresses that it endures on photoshoots, film sets or runways. Their hair is typically damaged from the constant products and styling required for the multiple appearances and demands of their job.

If done incorrectly, weaves can look obviously fake and cheap. Or worse, they can be damaging. Here are our 11 favorite celebs who are doing the look right.

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