Kim Kardashian Channels Marilyn Monroe on Vogue Brazil (Forum Buzz)

We didn’t see this one coming… Vogue Brazil just dropped its brand new cover featuring none other than Kim Kardashian. We certainly shouldn’t be surprised to see Mrs. West on the cover of Vogue, having already graced the American edition back in April 2014 alongside husband Kanye (not to mention countless other magazine covers). This time around, Kim channels Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe, sporting a black turtleneck crop top paired with a matching skirt, complete with platinum blond locks. Ellen von Unwerth captured the occasion which is sure to cause quite the stir.

Vogue Brazil June 2015 Kim Kardashian by Ellen von Unwerth


Due to Kim’s past cover history, our forum members aren’t so forgiving, with Kite simply saying “ewww” the moment the cover surfaced.

“Such an unappealing cover OMFG! It looks fake and ugly I’m sorry, the pose, the overly done makeup, the blank stare, the way too simple styling – it looks like a try-out and not a real cover. The editorial previews are just as bland,” Bertrando3 slammed.

Also not feeling it was tigerrogue. “I usually don’t mind Kim Kardashian, but here, she looks like a Real Housewife of Rio de Janeiro who’s never away from the plastic surgeon’s waiting room. Well, no – it looks more like a Real Housewife’s profile on an escort site after her husband’s divorced her,” she exclaimed in horror.

Oxymore was quick to show his disinterest: “It looks so fake! A bad fan-made cover! I’m also surprised she’s not naked on the cover. At least she is in the editorial.”

“100% tackiness,” agreed poison84.

Check out a preview of Kim’s cover story and get in on the action here.

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