Temporary Tattoos: Your Must-Have Summer Accessory

Can’t commit? If you’re talking tattoos, we get it. But the recent explosion of temporary tattoos means you can rock some weekend ink and change your mind by Monday morning. If you’ve always wanted to hear someone say “sick tat,” but don’t have the guts to go full on forever, you’ll love all the pain-free, regret-free (not to mention affordable) temporary tattoos that suddenly seem to be everywhere. Artists are creating designs that go way beyond the ubiquitous anchors and pinup designs, plus lots of sites make it easy to customize your own artwork. The popularity of temporary tattoos has even given rise to an unexpected trend of bridal parties creating custom designs to commemorate that special day without going all the way (because there may be do-overs in marriage, but a tattoo is forever).

So whether you want to transform into a boho babe for a festival or just want to give a tat a test run before you go under the needle, temporary tattoos are definitely a must-have accessory for showing off summer skin. Click through the slideshow above to check out the designs at seven of our favorite temporary “tattoo parlors.”

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