Does Sienna Miller Deserve Yet Another Cover of Vogue Magazine? (Forum Buzz)

We’re often left hanging when it comes to U.S. Vogue‘s upcoming issue, but this time around we’ve seen it pretty quickly. The magazine’s January cover surfaced on our forums over the weekend and we are currently debating Anna Wintour’s choice of cover subject. Sienna Miller stars on Vogue‘s first issue of 2015, shot by Mario Testino (who also photographed Sienna for Vogue‘s now famous September 2007 issue), with Tonne Goodman on styling duty. Goodman selected an eye-catching Burberry trench for the Foxcatcher actress to showcase, but with uninspiring results.

US Vogue January 2015 Sienna Miller Mario Testino


Members of our forums aren’t exactly pleased with Sienna’s latest Vogue cover. “Her second January cover? Oh Anna. Not a good start to the year. I don’t like the red. And what’s with these hat covers? Taylor, Gwen, now her,” commented Benn98, questioning Sienna’s fourth cover for the magazine.

“This isn’t very fashion to me. It looks more like Good Housekeeping magazine, not Vogue,” slammed valliaddict.

Urban Stylin wondered, “Is there a clause that she must always be photographed by Mario Testino?”

“It’s funny, I remember her name but I always forget her face. I have no idea in which movies she’s [in] or if I’ve ever seen her in a movie. She’s that forgettable. This cover is bad. Red and blue are an awful combination. And why her and not someone more exciting? Oh well, I do remember that Anna likes her a lot,” posted anlabe32, sharing her disappointment.

“I hate everything about it. The coat and hat don’t go together and swallow her up, her expression is unsure. So so disappointed,” wrote gazebo.

“Enough of the generic blonde actresses and the same models every month. FIRE ANNA!” demanded HeatherAnne.

Also not having any of it was A.D.C., who asked, “Would any other American magazine give Sienna Miller a cover in 2015?” hinting Vogue‘s on a downward spiral.

See inside the thread for a review of Vogue‘s January 2015 issue alongside some previews. Join the discussion for yourself here.

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