Gemma Ward Fails to Sell Her $1,200 Artworks at Sydney Exhibition

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Gemma Ward may have a a fulfilling career as a model and actress, but can she build one on canvas? The international fashion model and Perth native has made her foray into the art world, but is struggling to get buyers for her work.

With a $1,200 price tag, the gorgeous Gemma failed to make one sale at an exhibition in Sydney’s Sun Studios last Wednesday. Gemma’s five artworks included Japanese-style brush strokes on a white background, cherry tree blossoms, and surfers waiting to catch a break. 

The Sunday Telegraph reports that fellow models Tanya Linney, Amy Finlayson and Rose Ashton, who are already well-established artists, all managed to sell their works on the the night. 

Although Ward didn’t manage the same feat, art critic Ralph Hobbs seems to be enthralled by the work she is producing. “They have a sense of composition and dynamism. They are quite bold,” he told The Sunday Telegraph. “If you are a model in front of the camera you get a sense of composition and that’s a fundamental part of creating a good picture.”

Amy, who also showcased on the night, has an arts degree and has worked in art galleries, said that she knows people who are keen on Gemma’s work.  “I have a few private buyers interested in her canvases,” she explained.

If we had the spare $1,200 lying around for decor purposes, we’d be interested too. Seriously, though, you can’t deny that having an original painting by Gemma is priceless in itself. It would also be a great conversation starter at dinner parties, helping us to avoid awkward silences at all costs.

Keep it up, Gemma. If at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again.

[Via The Sunday Telegraph]

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