Simone Holtznagel Opens Up About Body Issues, Bullying and Death Threats

Simone Holtznagel easily contributes to Australia’s Next Top Model‘s successful track record with her latest role as a Guess girl, but the blonde reveals it wasn’t an easy road to get to this point.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Simone said that her rise to fame didn’t happen as quickly and as easily as people might believe. She started modelling at just 16 and competed for the Australia’s Next Top Model title at 17, but then felt like she had to take a break because of bullying, death threats and an unexpected skin disorder.

“I went a little bit MIA modelling wise after Top Model,” Simone explained. “I got two death threats after the show and was bullied, but I handled it pretty well. People were calling me fat. I was 17 years old. I didn’t know what to do.”

In addition to the torment from the public, Simone also suffered from psoriasis, a skin disease which results in red itchy, scaly patches. “Then I woke up one morning and my whole body was covered with psoriasis. From my head to my toes. It looked like someone had thrown acid on me. I had that for a year and I couldn’t work or do anything,” she revealed.

But her return to the modelling game has been triumphant, after Guess’ Paul Marciano found her on Instagram late last year. “Guess is the ultimate gig. That has always been my dream, to be a Guess girl,” she said.

“My mum and dad are really proud because I have had lots of ups and downs along the way. It hasn’t been all smooth sailing.”

Good on you, Simone.

[Via The Daily Telegraph]

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