Not Everyone Is Happy Anna Wintour Is Taking over the Tonys Red Carpet

Anna Wintour

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After last year’s lackluster red carpet, the Tony Awards is trying to bring a large dose of glamour to Broadway’s biggest night and has tapped Anna Wintour to help them. The hope is that the overlord of all things fashion will be able to kick the Tonys up a couple notches, but if reports are to be believed, not everyone is happy with the changes Anna Wintour is making to the event. 

Page Six says that Wintour’s influence has made the budget for the red carpet skyrocket to over half a million dollars and that some of the people involved with the show are meeting the demand for more glamour with a bit of resistance. “There is a divide between the forward-thinking, modern members of the Tonys and the old guard, which has been resistant to Hollywood and fashion intervening,” a source told Page Six. “But Anna wants to edit it, and curate it, to make the awards really glamorous and help to get more viewers.”

Some sources say they haven’t heard of any opposition to Wintour’s moves, but apparently her presence is part of a long-term play at making the Tony’s red carpet to the level of, say, the Oscars. But regardless of how folks feel, if Anna Wintour knows how to do anything, it’s bring the class and glamour. We can’t wait to see what she does for the Tonys.

[via Page Six]

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