ANTM’s Tanahya Cohen Has Gone Back to Housekeeping After Elimination from Show

Tahnaya Cohen

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Tanahya Cohen‘s housekeeping job might’ve been the driving force behind her eagerness on Australia’s Next Top Model, but, following her elimination last night, the 19-year-old has revealed that she’s gone back to the occupation she so badly wanted to leave behind.

“I have gone back to my old job of housekeeping. I’m just trying to earn more cash to start my career,” she explained to Confidential, noting that she would like to make the move from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast to Melbourne. “There’s nothing up here [Queensland] for me. There’s not many big companies I want to work with.”

Photos: FOX 8

Photos: FOX 8

It’s an interesting move considering she slammed the job during the show. On the second episode of the series, Tanahya broke down in front of the cameras during a shoot which asked her to portray “ambition”. She said, “I am a housekeeper. I don’t like it and it is not what I want to do in my life. I want to be a model.”

Dressed in a beautiful gold dress, Tanahya was placed in a familiar setting including a clothes line and a washing basket, which was a bit of tear-jerker for her. “It did remind me of my old life,” she said on the episode. “I don’t want to be the person that I am, the old person I should say, before I came here.”

While her photo impressed Kelly Osbourne, who thought the shot was Vogue-appropriate, judge Alex Perry wasn’t completely sold. “She looks like she’s beaten by the drudgery,” he said. “The clock’s going to click 12 in a minute and she’s going back to normal.”

If midnight is code for elimination, then Alex was quite the fortune teller. But, for Tanahya, this isn’t one step forward and two steps backwards like it may look, and she’s still got her sights set on a modelling career. She told Confidential, “There’s so many things that led to that emotional breakdown I had. It wasn’t really about my work.”

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