Glassons Apologises for “Unacceptable” Mannequins, Causes Hoo-Ha All Over Again

Glassons’ CEO Graeme Popplewell has said “sorry” for using mannequins with protruding ribs, and claims to have removed them from all Glassons stores after an influx of complaints and hoo-ha. Graeme took to the New Zealand retailer’s Facebook page to “unreservedly apologise for any upset” Glassons caused, and it went a little something like this:

It’s a big step up from his earlier response, which we found a little crappy. But unfortunately for Glassons, it’s just caused an uproar all over again. The Facebook post’s thread is out of control, with many happy and not-so-happy campers voicing their thoughts.

Emma Tucker showed her gratitude by saying, “as a mother of an 11 yr old, I thank you, ” along with Zoe Larkins who wrote, “Always going that extra mile for your customers, Just to make them happy. Awesome work Glassons.

But Facebook user Rebecca Rodgers had a different view. “These were not offensive, and not unhealthy body image, bigger sizes aren’t healthy, why does everyone get so offended by slim/lean people, is it a jealousy thing? ” she asked. Phoebe Gray also chimed in, writing, “I am sorry you were pressured into apologising for having a mannequin that represented my body type.

The lesson we learned here? You just can’t please 100% of the people 100% of the time.

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