L’Oreal Paris Launched Its Seriously Meta App Twicer at Cannes

L’Oreal Paris used Cannes to help promote what could possibly be the most meta app ever. Twicer, an app created by California-based company Kwarter, allows users to create video-in-video commentary, meaning if you took a video at a concert, you could record your own commentary or reaction and impose it onto the original video via a small selfie window at the top right-hand corner of the frame. L’Oreal was on hand at Cannes to help promote the venture, part of the cosmetics giant’s push to delve further into digital. 

L’Oreal showed us what Twicer can do on the brand’s official Instagram page, tapping the talents of a few well-placed models to show off the app’s capabilities, of course. We see Natasha Poly count down a video showcasing her perfect diving form, Liya Kebede comments on her own red carpet look and Luma Groethe narrates a walk on the beach. 

L’Oreal Paris is the number one beauty brand in digital according to global brand president Cyril Chapuy, and with its commitment to creating and promoting interactive content to customers, it’s easy to see why. L’Oreal also backs the Makeup Genius app and is launching another app in September, Shade Genius, which allows users to find their perfect foundation shade. With over 25 million social media followers, L’Oreal’s efforts to cultivate its digital audience include not only enticing them with the promise of digital makeovers, but also with new and innovative apps that change the way we share content.

[via WWD]

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