Yet Another Gisele Bündchen Reprint Appears on an International Vogue Cover (Forum Buzz)

Reprints with Gisele Bündchen are all the rage. Vogue Portugal reused a shoot for its June cover from Vogue China and now Vogue Thailand steals an image originally featured in British Vogue‘s March issue. Mario Testino, a longtime collaborator with Gisele, captured the Brazilian bombshell and current face of Chanel in her element, sporting a cotton jacket and shorts by Ralph Lauren Collection teamed with a pair of bikini bottoms from Heidi Klum Intimates. According to our forum members, however, this simply isn’t enough.

It appears that reprints are starting to fall out of favor with readers. “Their first reprint, right? Not a great image as cover. The styling looks messy here. Vogue Portugal did reprint better than this,” discredited fluxxx right away.

“Too much brown, I don’t even see the masthead,” Oxymore complained.

Also unimpressed was niknak: “I feel like it’s 2000 again with all these cover reprints Gisele is getting.”

Gazebo wasn’t feeling the cover either. “Gisele is everything but I really don’t dig this,” he disapproved.

“I have to be honest, I have mixed feelings about this cover, mostly because of the styling. I mean, it’s the cover of Vogue, so it has to be classy, timeless and super fashionable. So to see Gisele with such an overly-sexy styling on the cover, it’s a bit strange. It’s like this cover is intended for Cosmopolitan readers somehow,” Bertrando3 added.

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