Zac Posen to Design New Delta Airlines Uniforms

Zac Posen Delta Airlines

Image: WENN

Delta Airlines flight attendants are getting a stylish new update, courtesy of Zac Posen. The designer has been tapped to create uniforms for the airline’s fleet, following in the footsteps of designers like Vivienne Westwood, who created stylish uniforms for Virgin Atlantic.

“I’m thrilled to partner with this classic American brand and look forward to collaborating with Delta employees to understand their wants and needs for the new collection,” Zac said in a statement. “Together, we will bring everyday elegance and style innovation to the ground and air alike while making employees look and feel their best.” Posen will be working and studying the Delta fleet to figure out what kinds of clothes he can create that are functional and fashionable to boot. According to Delta, Posen will be working with airline employees and testing uniform prototypes before putting out the final range of outfits. Because of this, the new uniforms aren’t expected to launch until 2018, so we still have a while before we see the results. 

These new uniforms are just an aspect of Delta’s overall rebranding. We personally think they should start with those darn baggage fees applied to flights within U.S. and Canada, but who knows? A better-dressed flight staff might lessen the blow of having to spend an extra $25 for a $350 flight to Los Angeles. Or not.

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