Wilddarts Wins Fashion Category at 2014 Blogster Awards, And it’s Not a Personal Style Blog

Last night Pedestrian TV announced its 2014 Blogster Awards winners, and the fashion category prize went to a blog without a face. We say this because the owner of the winning website, Wilddarts, doesn’t strut her personal-style stuff in front of her photographer boyfriend &mdash or any other photographer, for that matter — like most other successful fashion blogs these days.

Instead, founder Mel Elsdon sticks to sharing her views, not her outfits, on fashion and beauty, using her beautifully presented blog and her bloody good eye as a creative outlet. “Wilddarts is more than personal style,” founder Mel Elsdon wrote to her blog, stating that her website “transcends time” and “is the next big thing”.

She also mentioned “there’s nothing worse than a well-dressed woman with nothing to say”, which may or may not be a dig at personal-style and OOTD bloggers with little-to-no writing skills to back up their visual feast.

Wilddarts beat outfit bloggers like Spin Dizzy Fall, Friend in Fashion and Little Black Book. Be sure to check out the Wilddarts blog here and tell us: do you prefer this type of fashion intake or outfit inspiration straight off the back of your favourite blogger?

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