The Melbourne-Based Label Dominating Miley Cyrus’ Australian Bangerz Tour

Miley Cyrus

Photo: The Project/Tenplay

Miley Cyrus is seriously hooked on DI$COUNT UNIVER$E, with her love for the Melbourne-based label continuing through her Australian Bangerz tour. She’s been sporting the kooky threads ever since she landed down under, including a mix of sparkly, colorful and comical pieces for both on and off the stage. Because the twerker just loves a good head turn, no matter where she goes.

For her very first Australian interview with The Project, and just before her very first Australian show at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena, Miley was already repping DI$COUNT UNIVER$E in the label’s yet-to-be-released pink-ombre tracksuit. You might have spotted the same piece on her Instagram, but you’d be forgiven for missing it amongst the pop provocateur’s 20-plus posts a day.

Once the show kicked off, she again turned to the brand for her acoustic set. Yes, those heavily embellished red basketball shorts, sequinned underpants and sheer Big Bird crop (which you might remember Kimbra wearing on the cover of YEN‘s Issue #171) are all courtesy of DI$COUNT UNIVER$E. In fact, it looks like Miley’s just replicated the outfit from the label’s lookbook shot.

Di$count Univer$e

Photo: Di$count Univer$e

Off to Sydney, and Miley was spotted in a pair of the label’s unreleased denim jeans, which sport embellished graphics all over, during the soundcheck for her big Sunrise performance.

She then wore an entire DI$COUNT UNIVER$E look, including a sparkly leotard with a cartoon face splashed across it. “Looks good,” David Koch said. Bless. As for the interview which followed, Miley told hosts Samantha Armytage and Kochie, “I am the joke, look at me.” She added, “I’m the walking joke.” Hey, she said it…

Miley still had around 10 days left of her Australian Bangerz tour to go, telling The Project she’ll fit in some shopping around Sydney during that time. We wonder if a Sydney-based label will get some love during her Aussie trip, or if she’ll just stick to her old faithful DI$COUNT UNIVER$E. Either way, the threads will be “chill”, because Miley’s very “chill” and she’s all about a “chill” attitude. Watch this space, twerkers.

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