BRW 2014 Young Rich List Crowns Erica Baxter as Three Times Richer than Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr Erica Baxter

Photo: Valerie Macon/Stefanie Keenan/Getty

Erica Baxter and Miranda Kerr, who are rumoured to be part of this year’s hottest love hexagon, have made the BRW 2014 Young Rich List of disgustingly wealthy Australians under 40.

The girls, who both happen to be from Gunnedah and linked to each other’s ex husbands, are absolutely swimming in it. But Erica’s bank account stands at an impressive $73 million and is more than triple the amount of Miranda’s $24 million. Then again, Miranda wasn’t the one who put a ring on it, then off it, with two-time-divorcee and billionaire businessman James Packer.

Erica made her unconventional debut on BRW‘s Young Rich List last year at $40 million, shortly following one of the most bittersweet divorce settlements ever. Erica managed to take out Miranda last year, too, who sat on $18 million.

Both girls have managed to rake in millions over the past year, so good on them. They were two of only five females who made this year’s top 100. They weren’t trumped by ex-husband or apparent lover-boy James, who is too old to make the Young Rich List cut at 47 years of age

Carolyn Croswell, of Carman’s Fine Foods, upstaged both Erica and Miranda as the richest female on the list with $83 million. Carolyn is not from Gunnedah and has no detectable link to any of the Packers.

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