Beauty Trends from World MasterCard Fashion Week

Grace Lee

Toronto’s World MasterCard Fashion Week is well underway, and the designs that have graced the runway so far seem to take innovation to a new level. But what about beauty? We went behind-the-scenes to speak with Maybelline New York Canada’s lead makeup artist Grace Lee to get the scoop on the makeup trends to look out for next season and what no woman can live without come spring.

theFashionSpot: What beauty trends are surfacing for Spring 2015?

Grace Lee: We’re seeing a lot of strong brows. [Thanks Cara!] And skin is immaculate-looking without being too dewy; it’s definitely more matte, healthy, poreless and clean. We’re also seeing a lot of lashes, both top and bottom, in a spin on 60s and 70s looks. And white is also a big story — on nails, eyeliner and eyeshadow.

tFS: What is typically your favourite show to key?

GL: Oh, that’s like asking me who my favourite kid is! I’d have to say that one of my favourites every season is Pink Tartan. I love our initial meetings because they’re usually very organic; [designer Kimberley Newport-Mimran] is so organized with her inspiration for the show and she inspires me to do amazing makeup. She lets me do my own thing, which I think results in a really good collaboration.

tFS: How has World MasterCard Fashion Week evolved over the years?

GL: It is so much stronger now and impactful. We have developed such a strong Canadian voice and we have such amazing talent.

tFS: What does every woman have to have in her makeup bag next season?

GL: A good mascara will get you really far. Look for a mascara wand with a curved bristle brush, which will deliver with no clumping. And it will allow you to get all those fine little hairs in the inside corners of your eyes that you forget about. And definitely invest in a really good curler.

tFS: Do you have any top tips for applying fake lashes?

GL: Always make sure you wait a couple of seconds after you apply the glue to the lash strip because the glue needs air to get tacky. Also, apply mascara to your lashes first to act as a good base for placing the falsies on top.

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