Didier Cohen and Kelly Osbourne Toy With Our Emotions, Claim They Could be Lovers

#OddCouple alert! Mega hunk Dider Cohen and mohawk babe Kelly Osbourne have this morning fuelled, and somewhat confirmed, rumours of a budding romance on the Kyle and Jackie O Show.

After a sunny Sunday on Sydney’s waters together, plus a splurge of Instagram posts hashtagged #OddCouple, we were already feeling a little suspect about the two, who are working on Australia’s Next Top Model together. But then Jackie O posed the age-old question on live radio earlier today, asking Kelly, “Is there anything going on with you and Didier?”

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The lilac-haired 29-year-old neither confirmed or denied they were dating, before Kyle called Didier for input. “We’ve known each other for a bit and we really enjoy ourselves with each other,” the male model said. “And it bloomed a little bit.” Then Kelly chimed in saying, “Be careful what you say, Did!”, before making our heads spin some more. “We’re going to try and make it work,” Didier said.

But don’t get too excited because it all could be a joke, with Didier revealing this was payback for an earlier prank the radio hosts had played on him. “You want to know something?” Kelly asked. “We just got you two back!” Well I’m glad it was fun and games for the pair, because over on this end we feel a little played.

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Jackie was saddened by the joke too, saying, “I was really hoping you two might be together.” Kelly responded with, “Well, you never know, we might be!” Didier backed his possible lover, saying, “We might be.”

Really funny, you two. A “yes” or “no” would’ve sufficed.

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