Iggy Azalea Has Some Beauty-Related Words of Wisdom for You

Iggy Azalea

Photo: Brian To/WENN

Today Iggy Azalea has given us a beauty #lesson via Instagram, saying, “I miss my long hair. Don’t go too light with your color or it’ll break off ladies!” She was referencing the lengthy locks from her teenager days, next to an accompanying pic of herself, aged around 15 or 16 years old, with her arms around an unnamed human.

Although the ill-fated positioning made us mistake her long mane for au naturel armpit hair, we really don’t notice her locks being much longer than they are now. The differences can be found in a more Gold Coast golden colour, which matches her noticeably different, presumably fake tanned skin well.

Perhaps she has extensions, but at least her split ends are now in check. Tune into Iggy’s Instagram for more beauty #lessons. And don’t be going too light with them colours, ladies — you’ve been warned.

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