Beyond Halloween: The Witchy Runway-Inspired Looks You’ll Want to Wear Year Round

Halloween is for amateurs. Every witch worth her salt knows that sorcery is a 365-day job. It’s not about a pillowcase full of chocolate-covered fructose or grocery store pumpkins in the shape of who knows what. It’s about the hocus pocus, the toil and boil. It’s about magic. And with magic comes responsibility.

You must not only act the part, but dress the part. That may mean 80s glam if you’re into covens that resemble The Witches of Eastwick or 90s gothic school girls if you’re a big, bad witch of the west like Nancy on The Craft. We tend to lean toward the aesthetic of the “white witch,” or what history refers to as a “wise woman” who practices magic for altruistic purposes. She’s cut from the same paranormal cloth as women like Stevie Nicks, whose nods to the occult in stylish numbers don’t look costumey. It’s a fine line to walk.

For runway-inspired ideas on building your own witchy wardrobe, click on the slideshow below and leave your cauldron at home. There’s no incantations required.

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