Surprise, Surprise: Nadja Auermann Gets Vogue Germany’s November Cover (Forum Buzz)

While Gemma Ward‘s comeback is all we can talk about right now,Vogue Germany has delivered us an unexpected yet welcome cover choice. Nadja Auermann makes a rare appearance on the magazine’s November issue, shot by Luigi & Iango. The 43-year-old beauty sports a coat from Prada as she sits perched on some backstage equipment with her platinum blond hair slicked back, while her high cheekbones are elevated by the intense makeup look.

Vogue Germany November 2014 Nadja Auermann


Vogue Germany may have knocked it out of the park by enlisting Nadja, but it seems most of our forum members aren’t happy with a certain something. “Such a beautiful image and it is wonderful to see Nadja but I almost wish they removed the text to just let the image show. When you’ve got Nadja you don’t need any text!” noted Luxx.

“A striking shot ruined by the text. The text consumes her,” replied MON, in agreement over the unnecessary cover lines.

Also acknowledging the amount of text was Miss Dalloway, who commented, “Too much text, but such a strong image of Nadja, that you can’t help but look at her, past that sea of text!”

Discussion soon settled and a positive attitude continued to fill the thread. “Nadja in all her badass femme fatale glory. Fantastic cover,” raved Marc10.

“Absolutely striking cover! The color palette and the flawless image is to die for. Nadja is so powerful!” shared bridgettetson.

“Adore Nadja…she almost makes me forget the fact that that overrated Prada coat is on the cover!” approved a satisfied Fiercification.

TeeVanity said, “Incredible cover, I really like it.”

The rave reviews for the cover just kept flooding in with longliveamour proclaiming, “Absolutely a yes to this!!! Love seeing the re-emergence of Nadja! She looks so beautiful and fierce here with this lighting. Can’t wait to see what Luigi & Iango did for the editorial inside but if this is just the preview I’m sure it’s going to look amazing!”

Are you a fan? Await the content of the issue and share your own opinion of the cover here.

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