Allure Russia Puts Too Much Makeup on Maryna Linchuk’s Flawless Face (Forum Buzz)

Beauty magazines are receiving a bashing this month with U.S. Allure doing a disservice to Kerry Washington on its November cover and now Allure Russia has done the same with Maryna Linchuk. Why? Magazines today have access to some of the best in the business and can select the most flawless models available. Maryna stars on Russian Allure‘s November cover, shot by Nicolas Moore, with hair tended to by Brian Buenaventura and makeup applied by Romy Soleimani.

Allure Russia November 2014 Maryna Linchuk


The cover isn’t sitting well with a couple of our forum members. “*Sigh* Back to the bionic covers again. This would’ve been OK if Maryna closed her mouth. I find teeth on a cover so unattractive,” disapproved Benn98.

“It’s too crowded, there’s too much makeup and the hair doesn’t help unfortunately,” proclaimed an underwhelmed Valentine27.

Also noticing the amount of unnecessary makeup was kokobombon: “Hate the heavy makeup but at least [it] is not a super closeup…”

KateTheGreatest shared the same sentiment and posted, “Gorgeous. Just wish the makeup wasn’t so heavy.”

A few members of our forums are in favor of the cover image, though, with MON writing, “It’s actually one of the few covers I like from them. Finally it’s not too zoomed in.”

“Maryna looks SPECTACULAR!” raved Zorka, clearly a fan of Allure‘s latest installment.

GIVENCHYlover agreed by simply stating, “She’s gorgeous.”

See inside the thread for Maryna’s cover story and share your own opinion here.

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