Vogue Netherlands Is ‘Getting Worse by the Month’ with Its Latest Cover (Forum Buzz)

As the November issues continue to come in slowly but steadily, Vogue Netherlands’ cover is the most recent to be dissected by our forum members. Cato Van Ee stars on the magazine’s November 2014 issue, shot by Paul Bellaart. The native Dutch model delivers a high-energy cover shot, appearing as though she’s jumping while giving good face before Bellaart’s lens (and almost flashing a nipple in the process!). Impressed?

Vogue Netherlands November 14 Cato Van Ee


As usual, members of our forums didn’t hold back. “OMG! This magazine is getting worse by the month…” proclaimed an unimpressed KissMiss, suggesting the magazine needs to step up its game.

“Have always and will always love Cato. But completely unclear how this shot made it to print? All I see is her boob awkwardly poking out. Not good,” posted HeatherAnne.

GlamorousBoy recommended we swiftly move on: “LOL what is this? Absolutely unoriginal and uninspiring… another one please!”

Also feeling underwhelmed was kokobombon, who wrote, “In theory, it should be a great cover. But in reality, imo the smile doesn’t reach her eyes which gives me a more depressed than happy vibe. I don’t get the styling either. The boob is very distracting…”

Not everyone was left unsatisfied, though. “I like this one actually. Their best covers seem to feature medium to extreme close-ups, preferably styled in black and topped with luscious hair. Like last month’s or Ymre‘s cover for October 2013,” posted Mr-Dale.

“I love that you can barely see the masthead,” stated gazebo.

So, from rave reviews for Karlie KlossOctober cover to mixed sentiments for the latest offering. Join the discussion and await the contents of the issue here.

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