Why Rebel Wilson is the Perfect Cover Girl

Rebel Wilson ELLE Australia April 2015

Photo: ELLE Australia

Rebel Wilson has been tapped as ELLE Australia‘s April 2015 cover girl, and the choice is spot-on for so many reasons. Obviously the Australian comedian and actress makes for a smokin’ cover with her soft-blonde waves and porcelain skin, plus she’s a truly inspiring Aussie expat making it big abroad, but she’s also got a get-the-job done attitude and, interestingly, modelling know-how.

Although the 29-year-old admits she never thought she’d ever be working it in front of the camera decked out in fancy threads, she says her old viewing habits are now coming in handy. “I never thought I’d be the type of girl who’d be doing, like, fashion shoots,” she explained to ELLE Australia .

“I used to watch some of the reality shows about models and then, weirdly, now I try to incorporate into my fashion shoots the skills I learnt from watching those shows,” she continued, crediting one of the modelling industry’s greats for her ultimate smize. “It’s like thanks Tyra [Banks], cause you’ve given me like all the cool tips. Like how to smile with your eyes.”

But don’t get the girl wrong, she still likes to get in and get out — no fluffing around. “I hate people who do a lot of takes,” she said. “I like to nail it and then go home. I like to crush it in, like, two takes.”

We bet the ELLE Australia team’s love for Rebel is at an all-time high thanks to how undoubtedly fun, and quick, the shoot must’ve been with what appears to be the perfect cover girl. You can check out the rest of Rebel’s interview here, or pick up a copy of ELLE Australia‘s April issue on March 23.

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