Andreja Pejić Makes a Funny About Body Image in the Industry

Andreja Pejic on The Project

Photo: Tenplay

Australian supermodel Andreja Pejić is in town for VAMFF 2015, stopping by The Project last night to make a cute little joke about body image expectations in the modelling industry.

Comedian Ross Noble posed an interesting question to Andreja, who underwent gender reassignment surgery last year. He asked, “I’d like to know, you spend a lot of time walking along shiny catwalks, but what would happen if you took an actual cat and made it walk on a catwalk?”

Andreja replied, “Well, I think I would probably lose my job because a cat is like a clothing size minus-10 and how could I compete with that?” Hmmm. What a light-hearted way of saying the smaller your physical size as a model, the higher your chances of landing the gig.

We get the satirical nature, and we love Andreja. But you’ve got to admit it’s an interesting concept. Especially when other areas of the workforce focus on university degrees or communication skills, rather than body shape.

Watch the full interview here. The model-of-the-moment also talks about her documentary, transgender issues and being discovered at McDonald’s.

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