Meet Other Presenters Who Rocked the Penis Jacket Like Natarsha Belling

Natarsha Belling isn’t the only presenter who’s made a dick of herself lately.

The Aussie TV personality wore a Scanlan Theodore jacket with an unfortunately-shaped neckline on national television on Sunday night, but it turns out others have made a similar, ballsy decision.

Melissa Doyle‘s chest penis came just days before Natarsha’s, although her cockiness was less noticeable thanks to her strategically placed head pubes. There was always Eva Millic‘s maroon version for the 2014 State of Origin as well, but somehow she wasn’t revealed to be a dipstick either.

Perhaps our favourite, though, was Lateline‘s Leigh Sales back in 2010, whose cut-out style was pretty in-your-face. You’d think fellow and future presenters would’ve learnt to get things, namely genitalia, off their chest after this shortcoming.

The stylist for this one probably should’ve been given the sack.

via theFashionSpot » The Buzz

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