Germaine Greer Asks Julie Bishop if She Would #FreeTheNipple for Bali Nine

Julie Bishop

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ABC’s Q&A took an unexpected turn last night when academic Germaine Greer asked Australia’s foreign minister, Julie Bishop, an out-of-line question in front of the show’s panel, audience, and viewers nationwide.

In honour of International Women’s Day, the episode focused on feminism but somehow landed on the topic of the Bali Nine execution. Audience member Adam Joseph questioned Julie about her “efforts to suggest a prisoner exchange deal between Australia and Indonesia”, bringing the issue currently on Australians’ minds to the forefront.

But it was when another audience member Katie May Allen asked her question that things headed into troubled water. “I was just wondering on your opinion on teenage girls posting topless photos of themselves on Instagram and claiming it as an act of feminism?” asked Katie.

Photo: ABC

Photo: ABC

“It’s not something that I’ve actually ever had the desire to do online,” Julie replied. “I mean, I’m quite adept at my emoji language and that’s about as radical as I get,” she continued. Then Germaine chimed in. “What if it got you the commutation of the life sentences for two Australians in prison?”

Julie shook her head in disbelief, and jaw around Australia were being lifted from the floor. Julie replied in the best way she could, “Please don’t go there, Germaine, please don’t go there.”

So… that happened. Watch the full episode here.

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